Thursday, August 27, 2009

17 Again

Last Friday night my wife wanted to rent a movie. I did the honourable husband thing and let her pick the flick. You know what we watched (I hate when people ask that)? If you said, Death Wish 7, you'd be wrong. We rented 17 Again. The movie stars my good friend Zac Effron, quite possibly the man with the creepiest eyes ever.
Nobody has eyes that blue...NO ONE! Not even Sinatra and he was called "Ol' Blue Eyes".

Y'know, it's not a bad little movie. Don't get me wrong, it's no High School Musical. Of course, without Sharpay...what is? I actually thought the movie was amusing and even at times...clever. Zac didn't creep me out and the guy who played his friend (I should probably find out his name) was brilliant. And as is the case with many things in my life...It got me thinking.

Would I want to be 17 again?

That depends on the circumstances, because there are a few different ways that this could happen:

1) A time warp of Star Trek proportions, could place myself back in 1990 simply reliving my life from age 17, with no recollection that I'm reliving it. Which, I may already have done. Who knows.

2) A similar time warp (but funkier) could send me into 1990, in my 17-year old body, but with all of my 36 years of knowledge and wisdom intact (which is A LOT of knowledge and wisdom). Or,

3) Like in the movie, I could simply wake up, here in 2009, everything is the same except that I'm in my 17-year old body.

So, Would I want to be 17 again?

Well, if it was the first situation...who cares. I wouldn't know any different. There isn't much fascinating about not knowing that something fascinating is happening. This is probably why that premise hasn't been made into a movie.

But, the second one is very interesting. If I woke up one morning and found myself in 1990, in my 17-year old body, lying in my old bed, with my GI Joe planes hanging overhead (yes, I was 17 and I had GI Joe planes...and men...and an aircraft carrier), and then I went to school seeing all my friends and foes just as they were almost 20 years ago, AND I was completely aware of what was happening, but everyone else didn't know anything different...hmmm.

I could change my life! And, you know what (I hate when people ask that)? I probably would. Not necessarily on purpose, mind you, but simply because the sum of many little different actions and reactions would equal different results. If you don't understand how this happens I'd encourage you to check out the leading scientific authority on time travel: Back to the Future.

Now, I will admit that I am QUITE intrigued about how I would fare a second time through, if I had the confidence that I have now...back then. For one thing, the worst public speaking moment in my life would be erased, and I would've been Student Council President. Believe me, if I had another shot at that election speech, with my presentation skills now, I would've had that auditorium on their feet cheering, just like in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (yet another good source of time travel information).

Who knows what would happen if I was given the chance to be 17 again. It's very easy to think that my life could be better if I had made different choices, but it could also have turned out worse. A second shot at 17, with the ability to alter the present reality, would be fun...really fun. But I love my present life, so even though it'd be cool to be 17 again, under THOSE circumstances, I wouldn't want to do it. Not at the risk of forever altering where I may end up...and not having what I have now.

That leaves me with the third option. The movie's premise.
Everything in my life is as is, the only difference being that I am in my 17-year old body.
So, the question actually becomes, "Would I want to have my 17-year old"

Well, lets see...
If I had my two-year old body, I'd be stumbling around. No thanks.
If I had my six-year old body, I'd be unable to reach things. Nope.
If I had my 10-year old body, I'd have buck teeth. I don't think so.
If I had my 13-year old body, I'd have the whole puberty thing. Not a chance.

But, would I want my 17-year old body again? That answer is a resounding, YES! That would be SWEEEEEET! BRING IT ON!

Now, if I only I could find a time altering whirl pool, like in the movie, to make it happen...
Maybe Ikea has them.

Have a good one,


  1. Or you could be like Lost and everything that is going to occur is because you went back and changed it. So you have no control over the future, so you can just go and enjoy yourself with the knowledge it's not your fault.


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