Friday, August 14, 2009

Emoticons: The enemy of sarcasm and irony

Well, I was getting ready to start my day when I realized I had nothing to write in my blog...but after a quick glance at my Facebook account, I now have something to say.

I am a fan of Ben Stiller and have recently started following him on Twitter and Facebook. (Whether you believe it's actually him is another conversation), but let me start off by sharing some quotes from him.

Ben on Twitter:
"On a remote island vacationing. Really enjoying dropping off the grid totally disconnecting from the world." Now, THAT is funny.

Ben on Facebook:
"I just sent a tweet (see above)...Most replies were 'how can you be off the grid if you are twittering?' which begs the question...does irony not really exist in the twitterverse, or maybe I need an irony emoticon..." To Mr. Stiller I say...PLEASE, NO!

I used to spend more time typing little happy faces after my well crafted sarcastic comments then I did creating the comment...and that's just a waste of both precious time and talent.

The moment one feels the need to put a happy face at the end of an ironic or sarcastic comment is exactly the moment that they should NOT! That feeling proves the quality of your comment, which immediately erodes once the emoticon is added.

If you have to add a happy face, don't bother being sarcastic or ironic. It's like saying, "Hey everyone! Listen to this sarcastic comment!" That sound you hear is the life being SUCKED out of the witty remark.

Sarcasm has a bite, so because you don't want to hurt people's feelings you add a :)
Irony sounds ignorant, so because you don't want people to think you're an idiot you add a :P (which makes you look like an idiot anyways...tongue all hanging out). Look, if you don't want to risk hurting people's feelings or sounding like an idiot...find a different way to express yourself.

To all the lovers of sarcasm and irony I say, "Stay strong! Say no to Emoticons!"


Have a good one,

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