Monday, August 24, 2009

An okay looking guy with bad hair

The power of celebrity is an awesome force. I haven't done an official study, but I think it'd be fair to assume that celebrity improves ones attractiveness by at least...800% . Case in point. Robert Pattinson.

If I walked around with hair like that (and I have), I can tell you that it is hardly a "heart throb" moment. Yet Mr. Pattinson, or Robby (as I like to call him), can get out of bed without picking up a brush and still be listed as one of the most beautiful people in the world. The man has bad bed head, 24-7, and the ladies scream marriage proposals. I have bad bed head for 15m and my wife tosses me a brush. Where is Robby's mother for goodness sake?! Someone get that boy a brush!

But then again, why? He's in Hollywood. Hollywood has more professional groomers per capita than anywhere else in the world and yet, it is the one place that you don't need them. Hollywood is the only place where a person can have a hurricane blown look and be considered "sexy". That is the power of celebrity. Who needs groomers when you can be get on the "who's hot" lists, after a 30m nap.

I don't begrudge the guy. All the power to him. It's not his fault people idolize him despite his mediocre looks, that's just one of the weird perks of fame. But I can tell you this: He is considered a heart throb simply because he is "Edward". If Robby wasn't a movie star, he'd An okay looking guy with bad hair.

I want to be famous one day, but not for the money. I just long for the day that I can walk around, like I just woke up, and have the women swoon. My wife's not fond of the idea...but I am.
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  1. To be honest bed hair works for him. On you not so much.


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