Friday, September 25, 2009

Heidi's Gift

I have a wonderful wife...I think that's important. And it definitely takes a very special woman to completely embrace all that makes

I mean, I'll be honest with ya, there are some pretty quirky habits associated with being me. For one, I wear wool socks to the summer. Then I lie on top of the covers complaining about hot it is.

There is also my mind. It's sound and least I think it is - I've never had an official assessment, but it does tend to produce some pretty "interesting" thought processes. If you follow my blog at all, you'd already be aware of this.

And, every now and then I do things that raise an eyebrow...or two. Presently, I have six "electronic pass" bracelets on my wrist, from Great Wolf Lodge (our family's happy place). The oldest band, at the time of this entry, is 15 months old. It's a little tattered, but still in tact.

I'm not quite sure what Heidi thinks every morning when she wakes up and sees me lying there. But, amazingly, she continues to stand by me in whatever I do.

Heidi has never asked me to take the bracelets off, even though she rolls her eyes every time it becomes a conversation piece, with friends and...strangers.

At Easter, my wife lets me dress up in costumes - from bunny outfits to blue sequin shirts - and dance in the street, as the parade passes in front of our house. She usually buries her head out of embarrassment...but she still lets me do it.

When I left the house early one morning, to audition to be a Deal or No Deal briefcase model, my wife sighed in disbelief, but kissed me and told me to "Have a good day.", anyways.

Just recently, she let me spend countless hours writing three blogs celebrity crushes. And then she let me post it publicly! She's an awesome woman...and thankfully very secure.

Then, earlier this year, when I called home from out West, to inform her that I was considering pursuing stand-up comedy full-time...she didn't even hesitate. She gave me two thumbs up and off we went.

Over the last seven months, I've been "actively" laying the foundation for, what I hope to be, a career in the world of entertainment. It has always been a dream of mine. From my earliest years, all I've really wanted to do is make people laugh. To put a smile on some one's face by something I say or do...or wear, is one of the most satisfying things for me to do, for there is great healing in laughter.
This God-given desire is deeply ingrained in me and comes out, very naturally, in my every day life, but now is the time to pursue it as a vocation. One that will include live performance, video and...writing. So, if you have found any of my blogs, the least bit, entertaining...please pass them on to others.
Heidi and I are both, wholeheartedly, convinced that this is what we should be doing, and believe me, it is that unity that, not only makes it easier to be on what is a pretty tough road, but is crucial for any hope of success. For there is NO way I could be doing any of what I am doing or planning to do, without the absolute total support of Heidi.
She is working her tail off so that I can chase my dream and I can not express to you how much I appreciate her understanding and willingness to go down this road with me. After all, it is my dream she is following. But, Heidi is always telling me that she is my "biggest fan" and, despite the fact that she doesn't laugh at anything I do...I believe her. I really do.

Last week, our family went for our regular evening walk - which we try to do whenever possible, and stopped in at Coles Bookstore (one of our favourite checkpoints). The kids love it there. We all just wander around and look at books.

I was reading the back cover of some manual, about 10-steps to perfect health, when Jade, my oldest daughter, came over. I think it was around the time I realized that these were the same 10-steps that had been in every other health book...just in a different order. But, Jade had a book in her hand that she thought I'd be much more interested in: GI JOE vs. COBRA: The Essential Guide.

I love GI JOE, but I'll spare you those details...for now. Anyways, the book was awesome. It had every character and vehicle, depicted in colour photos and described in detail. I flipped through the pages, desperately soaking in everything I could, because I knew I wasn't going to buy it. It was too much. We're on a tight budget. Contrary to popular belief, there's not a whole lot of money in the early stages of the comedy biz.

Anyways, as I was about to put it back on the shelf, Heidi came by. She asked what I was doing. I told her I was putting the book back. She told me to buy it. I said no. She said yes. I said no. Any married person will recognize this conversational pattern.

Then, she took the book off the shelf, shoved it into my hands, looked me right in the eyes and said, quietly, but intensely "buy deserve it." And with that, Heidi did what most people can't do...she left me speechless.

I have the best wife in the world! Heidi believes the book was a gift. But I can tell you that it was her words that were the true gift, and more so... her tremendous unwavering support of me and my dream.

Heidi, thanks so much for the amazingly beautiful gift...and the book.
I love you very much.
Following OUR dream,


  1. do have a great gift, my friend. God has been good to you...real good!! It takes a great man (and a real man), to not only wear pink, BUT, also to realized, appreciate AND verbalized, the love of a wonderful wife... You make us all very proud...

    All the best to you and the family,

    Tom, Susana and kids :0)

  2. Very glad to see this post... well overdue... this probably should have been posted BEFORE the celebrity crushes stuff... but it's great to publicly praise your wife... We all know it, and are glad that you do, too. :)

  3. Well Sue,

    apparently you missed the blog I wrote about my "princess" on my Anniversary - Sept. 2 :)


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