Monday, September 21, 2009

My Celebrity Crushes - Part 1

Celebrity Crushes! Who hasn't had a celebrity crush...or two...or more? Well, I've never been the obsessive stalking type, but I certainly have experienced my share of crushes. Last week (see Sep.17), I promised that I would reveal the stars, of big screen and small, who at some point in my life had taken up a spot of prominence, in my heart. I figured, why wait. So after a long weekend of intense study and reflection I have put together...THE list.

It was not an extremely hard list to compile, but there were some inner battles, when it came to the rankings. I mean really, how does one rank a crush? I ended up considering things like longevity, intensity and...well, what felt right.

It took a lot longer to write than I thought it would, and I even found myself doing a last minute re-ranking at the bottom of the list (today's entry), late last night. But this was a very cool project to undertake. It brought back so many memories of this young boy growing up and discovering the wonderful world of girls. Which is simply a part of the life process, because I ended up marrying one - not a celebrity crush, but definitely a girl.

However, before I could post my crush list, I had to first run it passed my true number #1 crush, who is also my lovely wife of nine years (see Sep.2). After confirming that the list contained only crushes that were experienced before our marriage (except for one...which she's fine with), I have now been given permission to tell the world.

The entire list has been completed and over the next three days, my heart will be laid bear, right before your eyes.

Today (Monday) - #10 thru #6
Tuesday - #5 thru #3
Wednesday - #2 and #1

With all that we go:

All Time Celebrity Crush Countdown

10. Elizabeth Ann Hulette

Miss Elizabeth - World Wrestling Federation (85-92)

The "First Lady" and darling of the wrestling world, Miss Elizabeth was a striking figure of beauty amidst a sea of brawn. In a "sport" that featured Alpha Males cracking each other over the head with metal chairs, and where the only real woman presence was "The Fabulous Moolah" (who wasn't that fabulous), Elizabeth was an anomaly. Always the lady, she came to the ring dressed extremely well and carrying herself with class. Today's women wrestlers should take a page from the darling's book.

9. Alison R. Hart Burnett

Lady Jaye - GI Joe: Real American Hero (85-91)

Yes, I know she's a cartoon, but she was an incredibly beautiful, tough and smart cartoon. I was a huge GI Joe fan growing up and Lady Jaye was definitely a crush. But I kept it very well hidden, by talking so much about guys like Gung-Ho, Snake Eyes and Firefly. Lady Jaye was a Covert Operative...she would have been so proud of me.

8. Lynda Carter
Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) - Wonder Woman (75-79)

How did Lynda Carter get on this list? That is one thing I don't have to wonder! Lynda Carter was a "wonder woman"! A former beauty pageant winner, playing an Amazon princess who could block bullets with her wrists and flew an invisible jet. Really, is there anything more crush worthy than that! I often wished I could have been caught in her golden "truth" lasso...Just to be close to her...sigh.

7. Jan Smithers

Bailey Quarters - WKRP in Cincinnati (78-82)

For most people, the beauty of WKRP was found sitting behind the reception desk, but not me. I was completely enamoured with the hidden gem that was Bailey Quarters. Just one of the guys, Bailey was never noticed for her crazy good looks. But, for this young boy, dressing down couldn't hide the natural beauty behind the large framed glasses. If I had a baby girl, I would have named her, "Bailey".

6. Dawn Wells

Mary Ann - Gilligan's Island (64-67)

The original theme song for Gilligan's Island never mentions Mary Ann. She, along with the Professor, was simply listed as, "all the rest". But it was never that way, in my mind. For me, it was always the wholesome farm girl from Kansas and...all the rest. Apparently, the question, "Ginger or Mary Ann?" is often used in pop-psychology to determine something about men and their desires. Well, if there are any psychologists reading my entry, analyze this: "Ginger who?"

*Go to Part 2

Well, there you have it. The celebrity crushes that round out my Top Ten. Tune in tomorrow to find out what celebrity crushes I ranked higher. If you think you have some ideas of who they may be, please post a comment...I'd be very interested in your predictions. I think there will be some surprises.

Have a good one,


  1. That you picked Mary Ann over Ginger says skads about you--I wholeheartedly approve--as I'm sure your brunette #1 Crush did.

    Loved the way you wrote this, btw.


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