Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Celebrity Crushes - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Timmy's All-time Celebrity Crush Countdown. If you missed Part 1, please take a few moments to check it out by clicking here.

Now it is time to find out which celebrities made the top half of my list. And from this point on, the crushes increase exponentially. Here we go, starting at number 5:


In the early eighties, The Dukes of Hazzard were crashing cars at an alarming rate. At the same time, Daisy Duke was raising my heart beat to an alarming rate.

5. Catherine Bach

Daisy Duke - Dukes of Hazzard (79-85)

I don't think there are any guys, in my age bracket, that watched the Dukes, who wouldn't have Daisy on their Top Five All-time Celebrity Crush list. And, if you were to put yourself in the shoes of a pre-pubescent boy, at the height of the Duke years, you'd know what I'm talking about.

I mean, here was a girl who, not only, loved cars but could drive one with the best of them. Daisy could pull a U-turn on dime or jump a gorge, if she needed to. She could sweet talk ya into anything and knock ya senseless if you tried anything. She was just a good ol' girl with her good ol' boys and her good ol' Uncle Jesse.

And then there were the shorts. We can't forget the shorts. Those are legendary! Daisy Duke's shorts are as iconic as Fonzie's leather jacket. And, say what you want about the kind of message wearing shorts like that sends to impressionable young boys, but back in 1983...I was just watching the show, not analyzing it.


In 1996, the most popular girl band ever (no, not the Bangles) burst onto the world stage, and the one they called "Posh" burst into my heart.

4. Victoria Adams (Beckham)

Posh Spice - Spice Girls (96-01)

Growing up, I spent a lot of time playing sports and watching TV, so music never really became an obsessive interest for me...until Miss Adams and her friends caught my ear...

"Yo, I'll tell you what you want, what I really, really want!

So, tell me what you want, what you really, really want!"

...and my eyes.

Posh was...hot (I'm just telling it like it was). And there was something very mysterious about her, that I was incredibly intrigued by. She wasn't a "bad girl" - that was Ginger, but she wasn't a "good girl" either - that was Baby. She seemed aloof, yet had this inviting sparkle in her eye. And then there was the...pout. That was it. The pout. It was enough to make my heart melt.

I may have been a closet Spice Girl fan, in regards to the music, but whenever a debate arose (and there were a lot of them back then) about who the best group member was, I was always the first to push through to the front, to defend my Posh!

When the Spice Girl Reunion was on tour in 2007, I wanted tickets really bad. Of course, no one believed me and I never ended up getting any. Oh well, I'll always have Spice World.


In the second season of Survivor, 16 strangers were stranded in the Australian outback and, the unbelievably adorable, Elisabeth was stranded in my heart.

3. Elizabeth Filarski (Hasselbeck)

Elisabeth - Survivor (2001)

The first season of Survivor had piqued my interest enough, that I was willing to give Season Two a real shot at impressing me. It didn't disappoint. It was a great show, but I think the cute little blond from Boston helped push it over the line to...Super-great!

She was just so...Super-sweet! That bright smile, those innocent eyes and the pig tails. She was a 21st Century Mary Ann. Here was an All-American girl, competing in a game of betrayal and deception and, not only, surviving...but thriving. This "girl next door" had some spunk...and I liked it. When she finally did get voted off I was devastated.

Most celebrity crushes happen very quickly and are fanned into bigger flames as the years of exposure increase. That's what makes my Elisabeth crush so astounding. She was only on Survivor for three months, yet the intensity of the crush was so strong, it warranted putting her in my Top Three. Who knows where she would have ended up ranking if she had agreed to go on Survivor All Stars.

Well, we're almost there! You now know some of the celebrity crushes who cracked my Top Five. But there are still two more to go. Who holds the Number #1 and #2 spots in Timmy's All-time Celebrity Crush Countdown?

Go to Part 3 to find out! Do you think you know who they are? If so, please post a comment. I'd like to see if anyone can figure it out.

Have a good one,


  1. alright, Bailey, daisy, maryanne, both elisabeths (although I didn;t know the first one, i wasn't surprised)...even posh wasn't a surprise to see :) those were my main guesses, so number one...off the top of my head I can't think of who #2 & 1 may be...oh..wait,it's Jennifer Aniston! that's my #1 guess.

  2. Completely approve of Posh!
    Any time you have anything in common with David Beckham you know you've made a good choice.


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