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My Celebrity Crushes - Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Timmy's All-time Celebrity Crush Countdown. If you haven't yet read the first installments of the series, please take a few minutes to check out "My Celebrity Crushes" Parts 1 and 2. You can go directly to Part 1 by clicking here.

When I first sat down to compile my list, these were the first two names I wrote down. And despite the list growing, never once were either of them in danger of losing their positions in the rankings. In fact, I think they were the only two that, during the ranking shifts, didn't all!

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you the two celebrities that, at one time, held my heart in the palm of their hands...Number two is:


For ten years, the king of the NBC Thursday Night Lineup was the sitcom Friends. For the early part of those years, Jennifer Aniston was the queen, and friend, of my heart.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Green - Friends (94-04)

In 1993, I remember seeing Jennifer in the movie, Leprechaun, which could possibly be the worst movie ever...ever made (with Howard the Duck a close 2nd). It was no the least bit surprised that Jennifer almost quit acting after that movie was released. Of course, if she had, she never would have made this list. But in 1994, Friends exploded into the world's consciousness and Rachel Green into Timmy's consciousness.

I never really liked the show. I just endured countless episodes, so I could be with my best friend Rachel. In fact, the show usually gave me a headache. I would spend almost every one of those 30-minutes shaking my head, in disbelief, over the whole Rachel-Ross relationship. I hated Ross.

When the writers eventually decided to hook them up with each other...I think I threw up.

Even though Rachel changed her hair style more often than most people change their socks, my heart never wavered. In fact, it would be fair to say that by the end of the third season, she probably could have shaved her head and still made it, at least, into my Top Five. Mind you, if she had put a bone through her nose, that would've killed it....maybe.

Jennifer Aniston: My number two celebrity crush of all-time.

We have finally made it to number one! This next celebrity crush was formed 25 years ago, and although there have been quite a number of crushes that have come and gone over that period of time, there were none that ever came close to matching it.

Who held my heart like no other celebrity before her or after...

Timmy's #1 All-time Celebrity Crush


In the mid-to late eighties there was really only one celebrity that had my heart in knots. The star of Who's the Boss?, and boss of my heart, was the lovely and talented...Alyssa Milano.

1. Alyssa Milano

Samantha Micelli - Who's the Boss (84-92)

When Who's the Boss hit the airwaves, Samantha Micelli was introduced to my world, and I welcomed her with open arms. Being eleven years old and in prime "crush" mode, this certainly wasn't my first crush, but this was by far the most intense one. It was absolutely electric! I was completely and utterly captivated by her smile and New York accent. In the 80's, Alyssa Milano was the cutest girl in the entire...universe!

She was the only celebrity that I ever had "pictures" of. A friend of mine cut a bunch of glamour shots of Alyssa out of some of her teen magazines, to give to me (she kept all the Kirk Cameron ones for herself). Back then, it was one of the nicest gifts I could have ever received. I kept them in a nice little folder for safe keepings.

Alyssa and I were the same age (actually, she's older by seven months...and two days), so we were, essentially, growing up together. For a pre-teen boy, this meant that the crush wasn't going to fade any time soon...and it didn't.

I remember in High School, probably grade nine, a class mate told me that he actually knew Alyssa Milano. Now, it could have just been a "story", which teenage boys are apt to tell, but I pressed him about it anyways...just in case. He said he even knew how to contact her, but wasn't sure if he should pass that information out. I eventually convinced him to give me the 10 digits of her phone any order he wanted, which he did.

I have no idea if those scrambled numbers actually held Alyssa Milano's phone number, because there were a lot of combinations that I had to dial. Not that I didn't try, it's just that saying, "Sorry, wrong number" over a hundred times, starts to really wear you down. But, can you imagine if I had made contact! Now, THAT would've been an interesting blog.

For me, Alyssa Milano was the crush of all celebrity crushes. The crush I had on her had strength in both longevity and intensity. Since I'm married now...and don't have celebrity crushes anymore (right dear)...Alyssa Milano will forever hold the Number One spot in Timmy's All-time Celebrity Crush Countdown.

Well, there it is. My heart on a silver platter. I absolutely loved writing this countdown and hopefully you enjoyed reading it. If you did...tell others about it. Maybe it will help them bring back some memories as it did for me.

But before we end, I would like to leave you with some honourable mentions. These are the crushes that just didn't make the cut:

Tracey Gold (Carol Seaver), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and Bea Arthur (Maude).

Bea was #11. I tried...but I just couldn't find a spot for her.

Have a good one,


  1. alright, I'm sure if I had tried hard enough I could have remembered that one... i at least had #2 right. I had honestly forgotten Alyssa Milano..

  2. The Alyssa Milano crush explains so much. No "Winnie" from The Wonder Years?

  3. What does it explain? The broken bust?

    I never watched Wonder Years.

  4. Really? No room for Bea? With all her practical wisdom and sass? Hmmmm.


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