Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here we are. Blog entry #40.

Where has the time gone! It was on August 13, 2009, that I first uttered these words:

"Well, the blogging has begun."

Today, almost exactly two months later, I am preparing to lead the 40th expedition Inside Timmy's Mind.

Now, I know that 40 isn't your traditional big-time milestone, but it is a milestone. In fact, the number 40 is a very significant number and actually represents my blog very well.

Forty is a semi-perfect number, the atomic number for Zirconium and is the number of years that the Israelites wandered in the desert.

My Blog is semi-perfect (although closer to perfect than not), extremely resistant to corrosion and, at times, makes the reader feel like their lost in the wilderness.

But, those eerie similarities aside, the thing that really got me to stop and ponder #40 was, actually, an Arabic proverb that states the following:

"To understand a people, you must live among them for 40 days."

That got me thinking. After 40 blog entries...I wonder if people will understand me?

To find out, I went back over my writings to see what kind of self-portrait I have painted over the last two months.

With today's blog being #40, leaving the picture not quite completed, I decided that I would put on the finishing touches, by way of summary.

Here are 34 quotes that summarize my first 40 blogs:

Quotes from Timmy's Mind

Save sarcasm. Delete the happy face emoticon.

Whoever says Baseball is just a game...has never played the sport.

Celebrity makes even the ugly attractive.

I'd rather have lots of crumpled $100 bills than one of exceptional quality.

Computers wouldn't have made the 19th Century any easier, because there was no where to plug them in.

I wouldn't want to be 17 again, but I'd love to have my 17-year old body back.

The Boyle Nose is my badge of honour.

People who write LOL, when they're not really LOLing are liars...and we all know where liars go!

A successful parent not only teaches their children, but is also willing to learn from them.

I married my princess! It doesn't get any better than that.

The Good Life: A 90 degree jaw line, the ability to sing bass and a cupboard full of sandwich bags.

Doing nothing is something, when "doing nothing" means spending time with your child.

There is no such thing as a bad joke. If it's not's not a "joke".

Judges. Can't live with them. Can't live without them.

The Boy Scouts gave us "Be Prepared". The Girl Guides gave us cookies. Guides 1 Scouts 0.

Just because you're allowed to buy a Speedo, doesn't mean you're allowed to wear one.

Formal education is a great thing...if you want to be bored silly.

"Regret" is just "Life Lesson" spelled backwards.

The difference between a SIDEkick and a PSYchic is that one is a corny side-show and the other hangs out with super heroes.

Survivor is the best show on television...even without Elizabeth.

"Ginger Who?"

Here's a brilliant idea: Let's make no provision to correct mistakes and then Auto-save mistakes!

The whole-hearted support of a wife for her husband: Priceless.

A relic from the past is cooler than any invention from the future.

Voice Recognition technology would be great, if only it would recognize the words that your familiar voice was speaking.

How do you spell "Super-Competitive": P N E U M O N I A

The perfect gift for your coffee-addicted loved one: A Tim Horton's IV Drip.

Iron sharpens Iron. Too bad the present edition of the Leafs & Canadiens are both made of glass.

No more successful managers should die at the hands of under-performing players.

Beware the "Woo".

Grey hair is a sign of wisdom...and "Wisdom" is Greek for "old age".

Anyone know where I can find myself a Super Fan?

I'm thankful for turkey, family, turkey and...did I already say turkey?

The question that drives me: "What is Miley Cyrus having for lunch"?

Well there you have it: "Timmy's Mind: The first 40". But before I wrap up, I'd like to leave you with one final quote (not from me).

"Life begins at 40".

That means I'm just getting started!

Thanks so much for visiting Timmy's Mind. I hope you've enjoyed reading my thoughts, as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Here's to many more entries in the future!

And if you've got some extra time, check out some of the past entries, which these quotes were based on. It'll help you understand me even more...and maybe even bring a smile to your face!

Have a good one,


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