Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green - "Through a Mother's Eyes"

My mom has always said I look good in green.

As a result, every Christmas my mother buys me one - or two - green shirts (depending on her budget). Now, granted, they are not always just green. But it has become quite obvious that, to make it under the Christmas tree, the shirt must always have some green on it...somewhere.

There have been some "interesting" ones, through the years. The white golf shirt with the green collar, pocket and buttons is, by far, my least favourite. But, at least, she has never bought me anything with camouflage print. Bless her heart.

I simply can't understand "camouflage" being in the every day, urban wardrobe of any person. Whenever I see someone walking, on a downtown street, dressed in "Camo" - as the kids call it - I feel a great need to verbally respond.

Sometimes, I want to affirm the outfit's incredible effectiveness by screaming out, "Whoa, look at that floating head!" Other times, I simply want to skip the sarcasm and bluntly yell, "I can see you!"

But, in general, common sense tends to prevail. Stereo-type or not, I'm afraid of people who wear military gear as a fashion statement.

Now, back to Mom. I really do believe that "me in green" is one of the major passions of her life. It is a project that she has been working on for years, as my closet will attest to. In fact, if I had a "walk-in" closet, it would feel like you were entering a forest...or a swamp.

Now, the amassing of green hasn't slowed, at all, over the years and I really don't see an end in sight. I suppose, it's green to the end! That would be fine, and all...if I really believed I look good in green.

But, I've been recently having my doubts. You see, a few weeks ago, when I arrived for a visit at my parent's home, Mom complimented me on my shirt. I thought nothing of it, until I walked by the hallway mirror and happened to glance over. I gasped. I was wearing the shirt my wife had bought me for my birthday, and it was...blue!

My mother just complimented me, while wearing a blue shirt. Questions flooded my mind. Was my mom going blind? Was I in some sort of alternate universe? Was my shirt actually blue-ish green? My mind was spinning, but came to a stop on a horrific thought. Did I now look good in blue? What would I do with all my green clothes? After all, I couldn't afford a whole new wardrobe, and it would take ten Christmas' to rebuild a blue one.

I decided to do a test. Over the weeks that followed, I showed up at my mom's house wearing a different colour each time. And guess what! During that time, she told me I looked good in every colour of the rainbow. It didn't matter if it was red, yellow, purple or even orange. Really, Mom? Orange? The only person that looks good in orange is a child, through their mother's eyes.

And, that's when it hit me. It didn't matter what I wore. My mom simply thought...I looked good.

That's the beauty of the mother-son relationship. Through the eyes of a mother, no matter how old the child gets, her "little boy" will always look good...even in orange.

And, that is very much how I perceive the way God looks at me, as well. Whether I'm doing well, in green or really struggling, in orange, as his child He still loves me...and thinks I look great.

It's pretty awesome, in both regards.

So, one question remains. Why all the green? Apparently, since I never said anything, my mother just thought I liked green. Well Mom, if you're reading this, how about we change it up a little at Christmas, this year. Maybe something less earthy...like pink. Just a thought.

Okay, maybe green is fine.

Have a good one,

*Placed 1st in the Faithwriters.com Writing Challenge - October,2009


  1. Mmm...gotta say I'm a fan of the camo.
    Noah's wearing a camo shirt right now in fact.
    That's all.

  2. One day Noah will write a blog...
    That's all.

  3. Did you realize that one of the "google ads" below this post is women's camouflage? Hmm... maybe I should check it out...


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