Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miley...tell me it's not so!

What is this world coming to.

I have just found out that Miley Cyrus has quit Twitter. Please, Miley...tell me it's not so!

I am in a state of shock, and am not exactly sure what to do with news like this. It's as if someone has taken a battering ram to my solar plexes. I'm bruised, sore and...slightly winded.

Miley Cyrus has publicly confirmed that she has tweeted her last tweet. I don't think I'm ready for a Miley-less Twitterverse. That my friends, and I don't think I'm alone in this assessment, leaves one tremendously large void in the world of Twitter. Tweeting, and Re-Tweeting for that matter, will never be the same again.

My hope is that Miley's absence doesn't become some sort of Social Networking black hole. You know, one that may just suck in all the other celebrities, leaving Twitter with nothing but a bunch of regular "no-name" Joes telling everyone what they had for 140 characters or less.

Look, I don't want to know what Bill from Carlington, Ohio had for lunch! I want to know what Miley had for lunch!

Miley we love you! Tweet for us!

Alas...I think that is but a dream. I believe she's serious. I think it's over. I think Miley and Twitter have said their final goodbyes.

Now, I hope you understand that I'm not upset with Miley. "To Tweet or not to Tweet" is an age old question. It wasn't an easy question to answer, way back, in 2007 and it certainly isn't today. She needed to do what's right for her. But I will admit that I am a little bothered by her "reason" for Un-Twittering.

*Un-Twitter v. to render a Twitter account closed, to cease Tweeting
- Timmy's Dictionary of Social Networking

Miley has shut down her Twitter page so that she can be more "normal". That's right. That is the word she used. Normal.

ZING! That one I felt. You see, I thought Twitter WAS normal! Everyone was doing it. Earlier this year, I was all 1980's - behind the times in the whole online world - so I've been rushing to catch up. And on June 25th, 2009 I thought I had finally become "normal", when I published my first Tweet:

"My first twitter is a promise. I will quit sarcasm when people stop doing and saying idiotic things. Sarcastic to the end, I guess :)"

I had made it. Welcome to the 21st Century. Timmy was a Tweeter. Timmy was finally normal...or so I was led to believe. Because now, with only 109 Tweets under my belt, I find out through Miley Cyrus, that becoming a Twit actually made me NOT normal.

And when that truth finally registered in my mind, my first response was a simple reflex action. I reached out for support by starting to follow fellow tweeters, @twitterisusedinheaven, @twitteristheanswertoallourproblems and @mileywho.

Sadly, although not surprising, none of their recent Tweets really made me feel a whole lot better.

But now, having had a few hours to step back and process the news properly, I am in a much better state of mind. I have decided that I will not let Miley's decision drag me down into a pit of despair. I'm going to turn my frown upside down. I'm going to turn this lemon into lemonade.

Miley's departure actually provides a great opportunity to increase my own Twitter following.
I am officially going after the thousands of Miley fans, who are presently floating around looking for someone to fill this recent void. To draw them in, I'm going to start Tweeting about what Miley is having for lunch (or...what I think she's having for lunch).

And "Voila!". Within days, I'm going to be the most popular "non-celebrity" on Twitter....then who cares if I'm normal or not!

So, team up with Miley fans everywhere and be a follower of what is sure to become the fastest growing "non-celebrity" Twitter account. Follow Timmy on Twitter and keep updated on many things including...what I think Miley is having for lunch!
I'm also going to be more selective about who I follow on Twitter. Right now, I need someone I can trust won't quit on me anytime soon. I'm leaning towards Hannah Montana. She's no Miley, but she's strangely similar.

Have a good one,


  1. Okay, for starters. Hahahaha! Now, seriously, that is old news! But I have to admit, that the whole "what is miley having for lunch" bit is quite funny.. and I have to wonder...hmmm.. is timmy a "super fan" of miley??? ;)

  2. Superfan of Miley? No. Hannah? Maybe.

    FYI Today, Miley had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


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