Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ben Stiller declined my invitation. What a class act!

Dare to dream.

It’s been a couple of hours since I got a most amazing surprise…and I’m still slightly stunned. You would be too, if Ben Stiller personally turned down your invitation.

You see, a few weeks ago, I composed an Open Letter to Ben Stiller. It was a whole-hearted invitation for Ben Stiller to join me at the Bob Newhart concert on December, 4th.

Today, he politely declined the invitation.

If you need to get up to speed, follow the story through these postings:
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Now, I’m not stunned that Mr. Stiller won’t be able to attend the show with me (although, I really felt the offer was too good to pass up), but I am slightly stunned that he sent his regrets.

I say “slightly”, because although I wasn’t sure that I could actually get the letter into his hands (or on his computer screen), I was quite confident that if it did get there…he would take note.

Of course, he didn’t have to. He could have easily ignored it. But he didn’t.

His quick and very personal response reveals that he is, indeed, the class act that I figured he was. It really is too bad I won’t be able to share my dream moment with him.

Anyways, here is how it all went down.

On Monday, in my blog Dare to Dream, I called for people to "dare to dream with me"…and people did.

I’d like to mention just a few (please don’t be offended if you’re not on this list):

Troy began posting my letter on Facebook.
Erin wrote a letter to Regis & Kelly and The Bonnie Hunt Show (I still don’t know who that is).
Chris wrote a blog, in response to mine, about following dreams and linked it to my letter.
My daughter, Jade, started a Facebook group called “Help Timmy Boyle get Ben Stiller to see Bob Newhart with him” (of which many have joined), and wrote a letter to Ryan Seacrest.

And then there was Vanessa. She went for the heart and sent a tweet directly to the intended receiver of my letter…Mr. Stiller.

@RedHourBen My friend Timmy is inviting you to see Bob Newhart with him! Here's his open letter to ya: For reals. 7:46 PM Nov 24th from TweetDeck (link to actual tweet)

This afternoon, I went for a walk with Heidi.

We talked about my dream; We talked about all the people who have come along side me in my pursuit of the dream of dreams; And we talked about how I should I have started earlier.

When I got home, around 3:00pm I checked my messages. Lo and behold, on my Twitter Home Page, I read the following:

RedHourBen @vanster Thanks for the invite Timmy. i can't make it but i am also a huge Newhart fan. Have a great time.

Are you kidding me! Ben Stiller responded to us! Vanessa’s tweet had actually got through. And there is reason to believe that Ben not only responded to the tweet, but had read the actually blog.

Timmy Boyle’s “Open Letter to Ben Stiller” was read, and responded to, by…Ben Stiller!

That is awesome! Dare to Dream, my friends! Dare to Dream!

Vanessa has since blogged about her experience, you can check it out at The Typing Fiend. In the comments someone has asked, “Will Timmy keep trying?”

That’s a good question.

Will I keep trying to invite Ben Stiller to see Bob Newhart? No. He’s graciously declined.

Will I keep daring to dream…in general? You betcha!

THANKS to all who have "Dared to Dream" with me on this particular journey.

THANKS to Vanessa for...being successful.


THANKS to Ben Stiller, for not ignoring my invitation, for responding graciously and for making my dream (in part) come true.

Is this story over? I’m not sure.

But, that’s the beauty of dreams…sometimes instead of ending, they just morph into another dream.

Mr. Stiller, I’m sorry you can’t make it to Newhart. How ‘bout a Rain Check?
Have a good one,

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