Friday, November 13, 2009

The best blog ever!

Yesterday, I watched a video entitled, The Most Annoying Video on YouTube and you know what? It wasn’t a clip of Kirsten Dunst and…it was brilliant!

You see, although it was frantic, repetitive and grating, I found it way more amusing than annoying.

Now, I suppose if I was locked in a room - against my will - and forced to watch it (like I did to my wife), I might have had a different perspective.

I do certainly understand how it could, potentially, under the right circumstances, drive a person to a mild state of insanity. But I wasn’t in those circumstances.

I, very clearly, saw the title “Most Annoying Video” and with all of my faculties in place, consciously moved my little cursor over the link and then exercised my free-will by left-clicking my mouse.

“Why?” you ask. Well, maybe I’m already insane, but I don’t think so, because, as I write this, The Most Annoying Video on YouTube has been viewed over 21,000 times!

That’s right. Twenty-one THOUSAND.

Now, I’m sure that there are many people (like me) who have watched it multiple times and there are many people (like my wife) who couldn’t get passed the first 30 seconds.

But, regardless, what I find amazing is that The Most Annoying Video on YouTube has been watched over 20,000 times. That is a lot of views. However, I am astounded, but not surprised.

We live in a culture of extremes. It is a world that is equally fascinated by both the incredibly bad and the incredibly good.

Now, we may not celebrate the bottom feeders, in the ocean of life, like we do the powerful sharks and the graceful dolphins, but we certainly pay equal attention to them.

It’s "The William Hung Principle", and it’s been (and will be) around for ever.

Basically, the really ugly, inept and/or dumb are just as captivating as the really beautiful, talented and/or smart. In our culture, either end of the spectrum will garner the attention of those residing in the middle.

If you are mildly funny, relatively good looking, sort of talented and make a modest income…you may be in the majority, but you will be out of the spotlight.

But, if you embody all the gifts of heaven or none of them...we'll watch you!

Our world seems to be obsessed with the superlative. The same people who set up fan pages for the BEST our world has to offer will also, when smelling the WORST odour in the world, call on their friends to take a whiff.

It’s weird, but it’s what we do.

Actually, I find it incredible that People magazine, which publishes the widely popular “Most Beautiful People” list, has never put out an “Ugliest People” edition.

Maybe they’re just being nice…but it would sell a pile of magazines!

So, what I’m trying to say is that titling a video, “The best”, “The worst”, “The funniest”, “The dumbest” or “The most annoying” will draw an audience, everytime.

Now, keeping the audience...that's a different matter. We like to watch a train wreck, but only for so long. To keep our attention, the really bad needs to be so bad, that it’s good.

Which brings me back to this particular video. The title got me to watch, but the content got me to watch again.

I was so amazed about how annoying it was...I couldn’t take my eyes off it. In fact, I watched the whole six-minutes and 38 seconds. Three times!

I just kept shaking my head, thinking, “This is so bad, it’s great!”

Afterwards, I ended up watching other videos with a similar title. Don't bother with those ones, because they were just plain, middle of the road, bad. Not annoying. Just…bad.

Well, that’s it for now. Tune in next week for “The Most Boring Blog Ever”.

It’s going to be a colossal failure. You’re going to love it!

Have a good one,


  1. BahahahaHaHA!!!!(haha)
    That is ridiculous, and by that I mean ridicuously funny/annoying. I must say the first 3 minutes were simply funny and then it started going downhill, but it did pick back up. I enjoyed it...sad.
    You could be that annoying without even trying.
    By the way, it was now just shy of 40,000 view and 4000 comments.

  2. Yes, there is an obvious market for "annoying", that I need to tap into. Let me see what I can come up with.


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