Monday, November 23, 2009

Dare to dream!


It was almost two weeks ago that I posted my Open Letter to Ben Stiller and...still no word.

Now, that letter is one of the most read blog posts I've written, so I know that there are many people who have stumbled across it. However, it appears that Mr. Stiller is not one of them.

So, with time running out, I've decided that the whole process needs to be ramped up a notch.

My first plan involved tapping into the phenomenon known as "Six-degrees of separation". But, in order for that to work, I needed people to pass my letter on.

The vision was that they would pass it to their friends, who would pass it to their friends, who would pass it to their friends, until it eventually reached Ben. He would then read my letter, be overcome with emotion, and accept the gracious invitation. Mission accomplished.

But, what I think transpired was that most people read it and did nothing with it, leaving the train to Stiller Station, derailed.

Now, I’m not all that surprised. I mean, most people probably thought, “What a crazy idea…It’ll never work.”

To that I say, “Yes and…why not?” Stranger things have happened.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a dreamer living in a world that just doesn’t dare to dream.

You see, I’m a fan of the phrase “What if”.

Not in the sense of second guessing one’s past and wondering what could’ve been, for that, as a friend has said, would be rather pointless.

But, I do believe in occasionally leaving the box, that most of our world lives in, and doing things for the sheer adventure (and craziness) of doing it…and then seeing what happens.

Sure, the chance of my Open Letter to Ben Stiller actually reaching its intended recipient is slim.

And, yes, the chance of my request ever being acknowledged, let alone accepted, is VERY slim.

But, I simply ask...“What if?”

What if the “Six-degrees of separation” is a reality? What if the letter actually got to Mr. Stiller? What if I received an actual response? What if…my dream came true?

Doesn’t anyone else want to know if it could actually happen?

Some may say, “Well, what if...nothing happens?”

I say, “So what.” Trying to attain a dream and failing, isn’t failure. Never trying…that’s failure.

But, this really is the ideal situation. No risk. Huge potential. So, if it comes to naught…oh well.

The only negative, for the person who participates in my little experiment, may be that someone else might accuse them of being dreamer.

But, is that really a negative? I don’t think so. We need more dreamers in the world.

So, I ask the readers of this blog, if you haven’t already, would you consider passing my letter on, in one way or another, and encouraging others to do the same.

I hope many will join me in this crazy little journey, but just in case they don’t… I have begun to put other wheels in motion.

If you need something done, who do you call? That’s right.


Last night, I sent The Ellen Degeneres Show the following email:

Ellen. Can you help me? I am pursuing a dream and I'm running out of time. I finally have a chance to see the legendary Bob Newhart (the funniest man I've ever heard) live in concert. That is a dream in itself, but then I was thinking...who do I share this momentous occasion with? It was a no-brainer.

I need to get a hold of Ben Stiller ASAP. I don't need a signed photograph or anything crazy like that. I just want to know if he'd be able to attend a Bob Newhart concert with me in December. I've got the extra ticket and I'll even pay for the snacks. He just needs to arrange his travel to Toronto.

EVERYONE watches your show. Surely if you were to mention my "Open Letter to Ben Stiller" on air, he (or his wife...or neighbour) would hear about it.

And, if by chance, he's busy. Would you be available? Hope to hear from ya soon, Have a good one, Tim

Hey, who knows…but “what if?”

So, pass on my letter, then go hatch your own silly idea.

Dare to dream!

Have a good one,

*Go to Part 4 of the saga. Read about Ben Stiller's response here

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