Friday, November 27, 2009

Dreaming with Dad!

Dare to Dream.

Well, I don't know what to say.

I've spent alot of time, over the last week or so, talking about "Daring to Dream." If you aren't aware of all that has transpired, you can read the whole story later...

But for now, here is the Cole's Notes:

My dream was to go see Bob Newhart with Ben Stiller. I had the tickets, but didn't know Ben. I called out for people to dare to dream with me. My invitation to Ben Stiller actually got to...Ben Stiller. Amazingly, he replied back. Sadly, he is unable to join me.

So, the question has been asked...what next? And, believe me, my mind has been spinning.

Earlier today, I was relaxing with my kids at home. My oldest daughter was updating the Facebook group, that she had started, about Ben Stiller responding to my invitation, and we were talking about how cool it was that he actually got my letter.

As we were discussing my options, now that Ben was unavailable, my son wandered over to me and silently dropped a piece of paper in my lap.

When I read it, I almost cried! I was so proud of him.

First, he had composed this letter without once asking me how to spell a word - quietly trying to sound out everything on his own.

Second, he wrote it, completely on his own initiative.

And third, and more importantly, was what he wrote.

Here is Connor's letter:

That's awesome! Well, aside from the spelling (Good 'ol phonics).
What it says is:
Ryan Seacrest (or "Rayin see crust"), do you want to go with my dad Tim to see Bob Newhart?
I love it! My son is "Daring to Dream" with me! That's beautiful!
Seriously, how can I not follow up on it?
He's left it to me to send his letter. So, if you're reading this...start up the Dream Machine. Connor needs to get his letter to Rayin see crust!
Pass this blog entry on. Post it, Tweet it, Email it...Whatever it. Just pass it on. (or maybe we should just get Vanessa to send it.)
Dare to Dream...again! This time for Connor.
Have a good one,

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