Monday, November 9, 2009

A perfect weekend

I had just a phenomenal weekend!

It was one of those really special weekends that just seemed to get better and better as it went along.

It all started Friday morning, when I woke up.

That's right. I woke up! I'm sure you are already beginning to see the potential wrapped up in those few words.

Personally, I don't believe there is any better way to start a day - or any day, for that matter - then waking up. In fact, I think not waking up would put a serious damper on things.

But, there were other details, which made this particular waking up so amazing. For one, I had the immense privilege of opening my eyes, just in time, to watch the the highest point in the sky. 12:00pm. High Noon. Oh, the joy of sleeping in. What a beautiful thing.

Now, I know that some astute readers will notice that my weekend, apparently, started on Friday. I also realize that many people wouldn't, technically, consider Friday morning as the "weekend", but when you're a Stay-at-home Dad / Comedian...the days often blend together.

Regardless, when Friday feels like the weekend has already know it's going to be a good one.

My first task, on this already glorious day - other than checking my email, showering, getting dressed, having breakfast, brushing my teeth, reading the paper, cleaning the cat pee off my shoes, washing my hands and kicking the cat - was to pick up my good friend Leland Klassen (who was in town for a comedy show) and bring him back home for a visit with the family.

Now, I hadn't seen Leland for almost eight months, so it was certainly awesome, in and of itself. But, as a result of his visit, the house got cleaned and there were fancy treats on our dining room table.

Y'know, if we never had guests over, our house would be a total disaster and the best snack we'd ever have would be strawberry pop tarts.

So, check it out: It feels like a long weekend, I wake up late and visit with a friend in my newly cleaned house, while eating minty chocolate…and it was only Friday!

On Saturday, I went to the Toronto Argonaut football game. Now, had I been a die-hard Argo fan, and the score actually mattered to me…then this would have brought my awesome weekend to a screeching halt.

Montreal won 387-3…or at least that’s how it felt. But, I didn’t really care. I had a great time anyway.

First of all, my daughter had purchased the tickets, as an early Christmas gift, for me, and her two grandfathers – which I thought was very sweet. Secondly, it was great to see my sister and her husband, who were also in attendance. Thirdly, we managed to get Leland, a big CFL fan, a ticket so that he could join us.

And lastly, I got a cardboard football helmet, a mini football – which my dad caught - and the chance to run on the turf, while catching a pass from Leland and getting tackled by my brother-in-law…onto a pillow (it’s a long story).

If only those pesky cheerleaders didn’t keep getting in the way of my view of the game…it would have been perfect. Right, dear?

That evening, as I drove Leland to his comedy show in Brantford, Ontario (the hometown of Mr. Wayne “Greatest player to ever lace ‘em up” Gretzky), we reminisced about all the great memories we’ve had while travelling together, in the past.

I mean, who could forget about almost running out of gas, getting stuck in snow drifts or battling six-foot tall inflatable syringes. Hey, the comedian’s life isn’t all glamour.

At the show I saw an incredible juggling act, danced on stage to YMCA on a DDR mat, and ate a couple (five) of slices of the most delicious apple pie I have ever had…apart from the pie my wife makes, of course (see "Woo'ed by pie").

Now, if that was how it all ended, I would have been satisfied…but it didn’t. The best was yet to come!

This morning I went to my church and officially began my first day as “Hall Monitor”. No way! Yes way! I am a Hall Monitor!

Even though, my shirt was orange (see "Green"), I wore it proudly. I positioned my chair just right, so that no door was unseen…because when “Hall Monitor Timmy” is on duty, rest assured, that hall is a safe hall.

My shift was pretty uneventful, but very invigorating. I did have one take down, but it was a false alarm. I’m there to protect the children, so I can’t take any chances. If you walk down my hall and reach into your pocket, be prepared to kiss the floor. Senior citizen, or not!

Friends, sports, comedy and power trips. A perfect weekend!

Have a good one,

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