Wednesday, November 4, 2009

White - "The Beauty of a Fresh Start"


Have you ever thought about it? White, that is. It's not easy.

When I thought about "Red", I immediately thought about fire trucks, roses and Santa Claus.

When I thought about "Blue", my mind filled with images of water, blue jays and Grover from Sesame Street.

When I thought about "Yellow", visions of taxi cabs, lemons and M&M peanut packages danced in my head.

When I thought about "White" mind was blank.

And there it was!


Some might perceive a blank mind as being "Black", for emptiness is often associated with darkness. But I see "blankness" quite differently.

I don't think a blank anything is actually empty, at all. I think to be blank, is to be filled...with hope and potential.

There are so many colours that are often described with words like "vibrant" and "happy".

No one seems to talk about White that way...but they should.

A rainbow is no less stunning than a new bride in her white wedding gown.

A field of flowers is no less breath taking than a hillside of freshly fallen snow.

And, although, a white canvas is not as interesting as one that hosts a finished work of art, they are both "full of life".

In fact, I would argue that the blank one is more full...much like a new born baby being compared to a person who has lived a solid 80 years, plus.

Both are living, but the baby, being the blank canvas, also holds all the potential in the world.

That being said, with White comes great responsibility.

Because Potential is the keeper of both good and evil, the keeper of White must decide what to do with this blank slate.

What will the builder construct? What will the artist paint? What will the writer write? What will the speaker say? What will the parent instil?

Handling White should never be taken lightly, because White can be lost in an instant.

Once a work begins - the first dot on the page, drop of paint on the canvas, brick to be laid, word to be spoken - White will never be white again.

And so, White is often very intimidating. In fact, some people, out of fear of making a mistake, choose to leave White alone. But, White was never intended to remain white.

You see, White is not satisfied unless it is used as a springboard into something else.

It is better to make a mistake than to do nothing at all.

To leave a white piece of paper...white, is a waste.

White would rather have a young child joyfully scribble on it, then to be hung on the fridge, as is.

A hillside of white snow is great for a picture or two, but unless someone eventually jumps into it...White will become frustrated.

White that has been explored is more beautiful than White itself.

You see, White may be utterly pure, but strangely, it would rather be "real" than perfect.

So, whether life presents you with a completely new beginning, or you choose to turn over a new page on your own, the next time you have a fresh opportunity in front of something positive with it.

Encourage, challenge, teach, inspire, amuse. Turn that White moment into a masterpiece!

My hope is that I turned this particular white page into something of worth. It may not be perfect...but it's real.

What will you do with your White moments?

Have a good one,

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