Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boyle United: Timmy (Susan) Boyle

Canada Shocked!

Susan Boyle has cancelled her much-anticipated concert in Toronto on Dec. 21.

Some months ago, after an overwhelming performance on the reality show Britain’s Got Talent, Miss Boyle sky-rocketed to world-wide fame. "Dare to Dream!"

Now, I didn’t see the performance live, mainly because…I don’t live in Britain. But, I was one of the millions who did see the incredibly popular Youtube video. In fact, I saw it over 10,000,000 times – accounting for over 1/3 of her total views.

And, I am not ashamed to say that I cried…every time. Rivers, my friends…rivers!

Anyways, in an instant, Boyle was tossed into the whirlwind that is success. She sang, “I dreamed a dream” and is now living the dream! What an amazing story. With a monstrous fan base driving her first CD off the charts, Susan Boyle Mania is sweeping across the known world, at an astounding rate.

However, overnight success is not easy. I am sure that, as much as she’s enjoying the ride, she’s pretty exhausted. In fact, that is probably why her team has postponed the Canada tour until 2010.

Being a dreamer myself, I am 100% behind Miss Boyle. So...I want to help her.

She obviously isn’t able to be two places at once, and one person simply can’t fulfill the public demand that stands before her.

That’s where I come in! As a proud Boyle, I am willing to tour Canada…on her behalf!

Did you hear that Boyle fans? Perk up! Boyle could STILL come to Canada...it just may look a little different.

Boyle United: Think of it as a franchise.

Dear Susan,

There is no need to cancel the Toronto show. In fact, there is no need to cancel anything here in Canada.

I can see it now:

Billboards, from sea to shining sea, reading: Susan Boyle (performed by Timmy Boyle)

It’s pure genius. We split the gate, you keep all the profits from merchandise, and I take a huge travel burden off your back.

I’ve put together a few "audition" videos, to help ease any concerns that you may have about teaming up with me.

I promise to learn your entire CD by the time touring starts, but for now all I have is a collection of cover tunes. This first video was filmed in the ideal setting to showcase my ability: Driving my car.

Let me know your thoughts.

Boyles united! I will not let you down.

Helping you live your dream,
Timmy Boyle

P.S. Don’t feel rushed. It is not crucial that we save the Dec. 21st Toronto show, but having the “franchise” in place by the New Year would be a good idea. I’ll start practicing tomorrow.

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