Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boyle United: Timmy's Got Talent

I'm not Superman, folks. Batman...maybe.

Today, because of that reality, I had to make a choice.

Write a 500+ word masterpiece (as usual), or edit a few of my BOYLE UNITED "audition" videos.

I chose the later. But, if it is true that "one picture is worth a thousand words", than these two moving pictures must be worth at least four blogs.

I'm just so excited about this latest initiative. Boyle and Boyle. Susan and Timmy. England and Canada. It's beautiful.

If you don't know about BOYLE UNITED, you can find out more by reading yesterdays blog here:

But basically, I'm offering to help carry some of the load off of, over-night success, Susan Boyle's shoulders.

I'm proposing that I tour Canada...on her behalf. "Susan Boyle - performed by Timmy Boyle".

It's brilliant!

So, I've put together some videos to showcase my singing ability and ease any concerns that she may have about the partnership.

Audition #1: "Living on a Prayer" (see yesterday's blog)
Audition #2: "O Holy Night"
Audition #3: "I've got you Babe"

Enjoy...and pass 'em on.

Keep updated on this new initiative by joining the BOYLE UNITED Facebook Group

And, more videos will be posted on the UP STANDING COMEDY Youtube Channel

Boyle United. Susan Boyle, call me!

Have a good one,


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