Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Break...sort of.

Well, that’s it...sort of.

I’m done...for 2009...sort of.

I am taking a two-week vacation...sort of.

When I started writing this blog on August 13th, I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Then I got this brilliant idea to make it a 24-5 blog…and now here we are: four months and 86 posts later.

I’ll be honest with ya. Some days have been easier than others and some posts have been better than others. But, I’ve had a blast the entire time…and hopefully you have too.

However, Inside Timmy’s Mind has also been quite time consuming (which my wife will attest to) so, with Christmas approaching, I feel that it is time to slow her down for a while – the blog, not my wife.

I say “slow down”, because I’m reluctant to say “stopping”.

You see, my plan is not to disappear completely, but simply to show up less during the Christmas holidays. In fact, I don't even know if I could stop cold...partly because of my latest initiative Boyle United, partly because my mind never sleeps, and partly because I enjoy this way too much.

So, please keep checking in! I will appear once in a while, but if there’s nothing new when you visit, take some time to catch up on posts that you may have missed. (*Note: if you "subscribe" or "follow" I think you get notified when new stuff is posted.)

And, if you have a friend or two that might enjoy my writings, please pass this blog along. Now is a great time for a new reader to enjoy the archives, before things speed up again on Mon. January, 4th, 2010.

Finally, Thanks so much to everyone who, whether occasionally or regularly, have taken time to go Inside Timmy’s Mind. It is much appreciated. I really do hope I’ve put many smiles on many faces.

My mind is far from empty so, believe me, there is much more to come!

Until then,
Have a good one...and Merry Christmas!

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