Friday, December 11, 2009

Great Wolf Memories!

Well, I just got home from another great vacation at Great Wolf Lodge. Here is how I spent some of my time:

Don't be afraid. That's just me wearing a wolf hat.

Two minutes to get in. 30 minutes (with help of a staff member) to get out.

I'm a rocker! The only difference between me and Bon Jovi is talent.

Driving, while on a cell phone. I am a rebel...

...and a cowboy.

This is me attacking the stairs to the waterslide.

There's a lot of stairs.

I was there for over an hour. Kids just kept stepping over me.

I actually find those waterslides a little scary.

Okay...alot scary.

Finally, I found something more my speed.

We had dinner in a Gingerbread house. The meal was awesome...

...but not as good as the house.

I finished off a whole wall.

After such a big meal, I took a the lobby.

Back at my room, I discovered the down side of keeping all of my past wrist bands. Which one opens my door?

Well rested, and loaded with sugar, I burned some energy "bed jumping". (Note the lack of headroom because, unfortunately, I didn't).

My wife says I was outcold for at least twenty minutes.

But, later on, I tried again...under a higher ceiling (and in my wife's PJ's).

This is my eye. I love underwater cameras.

And, if anyone asks why the Hot tub had to close down for an wasn't me. Really.

Have a Great Wolf day,

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