Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Great Wolf Pictorial

Oh, the wonderful world of technology.

I am sitting in a little quiet corner, on the 4th floor of Great Wolf Lodge. We are, once again, back in our families “Happy Place”, and it is a milestone of sorts. This is not only our 10th visit to the Lodge, but we are also celebrating my daughters 16th birthday.

So, as you can imagine it’s been a great day.

From the moment we arrived, I’ve been taking snapshot after snapshot. However, the primary purpose of my camera happiness was not simply to create a nice family album. No, I had a bigger plan in the works. I wanted to document our stay so that I could post those memories as a pictorial blog…for you!

The plan was that, after everything here at the Lodge had shut down, I would take a few moments to upload the pictures, make some witty comments, post the blog and then settle down to rent a movie that the family could watch before bed.

That was the plan.

But, once in my room, I very quickly realized that there was no way to get those awe inspiring pictures from my camera onto my computer. You see, my USB cable is still lying neatly on my bed - at home - waiting to be packed.

So, with my glorious plan in shambles, I figured I had two options. I could keep sobbing uncontrollably or I could turn my frown upside down and make this lemon into lemonade.

After three hours of sobbing, I decided to go with the latter.

I’m actually not going to allow technology (or the failure of) rob me of my joy…again. No!

A pictorial blog this will be! It just won't be exactly how I envisioned it.

Today, you will need to you use your imagination. Remember, "Imagination"? It was what people used before technology.

Anyways, without further delay, with my camera infront of me, let me walk you through:

My day at Great Wolf pictures (in your head)

1) This is me. We just arrived. Yes, it’s raining…and no, all those bags in my hands, on my shoulders and under my arms, are not all mine. In the background, you’ll notice that my family is running across the parking lot…empty handed.

2) This is me and Jade in the arcade. We’re playing the game Guitar Hero. I like how my tongue is hanging out. I’ve done that for years, whenever I’m really concentrating on something. I think we’re playing some song by KISS. So, actually, the hanging tongue is very appropriate.

3) This is me smashing the guitar, after I lost.

4) This is the Arcade manager. He’s pretty ticked.

5) This is our room. They upgraded us to a Loft Suite. That’s my arm in the top corner. Aliyah and Connor are attempting to lower me down headfirst from the loft.

6) This is Heidi applying ice to my forehead. The details are fuzzy. Aliyah says Connor let go first and Connor says Aliyah did. Yes, that’s Jade laughing in the background. Teenagers are so unsympathetic.

7) This is my foot. I must’ve taken that by accident on the way to dinner.

8) This is the cool gingerbread house that we ate in. For a $20 donation, you could reserve it. We thought it would be a unique birthday dinner for Jade.

9) This is me eating a chunk out of the wall. It was real candy, alright.

10) This is the restaurant manager. He’s pretty ticked.

11) This is Connor’s eye...I think.

12) This is Connor’s finger.

13) This is Connor’s nose.

14) This is…

Hey, who let Connor have the camera…and where are all MY pictures?

Well, I’m sorry folks. It appears an unfortunate accident has occurred. Apparently, all of the photos of me in my hot pink Speedo, with the words “Chick Magnet” emblazoned across the back, have been deleted.

Sadly, you will never have the opportunity to imagine what that would look like.

Of course, I suppose I could just take more pictures tomorrow.

Have a great wolf day,

P.S. If you've never seen our Great Wolf Lodge Video (or just want to see it again) check it out here

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