Friday, January 22, 2010

The End of an Era!


Oh my goodness. What a ride!

There were 20 weeks, over the last five months, that I composed a substantial blog post every Monday to Friday. During that time I invested close to 300 hours (8 weeks of full-time work), wrote almost 70,000 words (a good size book) and, as of yesterday, had posted 100 entries.

Although it was quite draining - physically and mentally - I really have enjoyed every moment of it. It’s been a huge challenge to keep the daily pace while maintaining a level of quality that I was satisfied with. Creatively, it may have been the biggest test I’ve ever given myself. Personally, I’m quite proud of how I fared.

I found it interesting that not even I never knew where it was going, from day to day. There were times that I sat staring at a blank screen until midnight, before an idea would begin to formulate. Seeing as most entries took 2-3 hours from conception to completion…it would be fair to say there were some very late nights.

But, it has been an incredible run.

I’ve shared about my family, ranted about my irritations, told tall tales and even touched Hollywood.

My first post of significance was based on something that Ben Stiller had “tweeted”. Who would have known that, 3-months later, Ben Stiller would respond via Twitter to an open letter invitation I posted “Inside Timmy’s Mind”.

The Ben Stiller Saga was simply an awesome experience, as was the fact that two of my entries won first prize in a weekly writing contest, and will be soon published.

I am so thankful for everyone who has visited and read my thoughts. And, although I’ve been very encouraged by the growing readership, it is the personal comments (in and out of the blog) that I have found most satisfying.

Now, having said all that, “Today marks the end of an era”.

Starting next week, “Inside Timmy’s Mind” is no longer 24-5. I am sad, but happy…and hopefully you the reader are as well. I will certainly miss the daily routine, but I’m very excited about what’s ahead. Change is good...and the timing is perfect.

I’m about to embark on journey that, believe me, has the makings of being a pretty wild, entertaining…and possibly life-changing ride. The reality is that I simply won’t be able to keep going the way I was going and still invest the appropriate amount of time into my upcoming adventure.

So, starting next week, “Inside Timmy’s Mind” will become update central for all the latest news on Timmy’s biggest initiative yet. It is…sheer lunacy, and an even bigger challenge.

The whole plan will be revealed in a few days. Check in regularly to keep up to speed, as the postings will be sporadic, OR you can SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW (right side bar) so you’ll be informed when new posts have been made.

I really hope you’ll continue to follow…and maybe even bring others along for the ride.

As a side note, every Friday will be “Flashback Friday”, where my older posts will run regularly, for those who weren’t around at the beginning…and can’t be bothered to go through the archives on their own.

Anyways, it’s time to go. A new challenge awaits.

Have a good one…and Dare to Dream,

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