Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Go Big or Go Home!

With the New Year comes much hope, hope is where dreams lie, and dreams are where chickens can play the accordion.

At the beginning of every year, I take a few days to reflect on my place in life, my skills, my passions and the open doors that stand before me. When my deep meditation has run its course, I take all that I’ve come to realize to be true about myself, and the circumstances that surround me, and convert it into numbers, which I plug into an Excel spreadsheet.

Assuming I’ve created the proper equations, those numbers will be crunched into a singular 4-digit number that will become the foundation on which I build my goals for the coming year. It is a perfect blend of the mystical and the practical.

Now, when I set goals I like to strive for things that are in reach. In most cases, when setting goals, too many people set themselves up for failure. I’m not about failure. I’m about success.

So, I don’t have a lot of time for “pie in the sky” goals like eating less, exercising more or spending more time with my children. I want measurable, achievable goals.

Here are a few of the modest goals I am looking forward to pursuing in 2010.

1) Tour Canada on Susan Boyle’s Behalf

This brainchild was birthed at the end of last year (read more here), but the campaign to team up with Susan Boyle will be kicking into full gear in 2010. Dreamin’ the dream, baby! Boyle United! Bring it on!

2) Produce the #1 Blockbuster Movie of All-Time

Last weekend I went to see the highly hyped Avatar. It was long, but impressive…and that was just the line-up to get in. Having already made over $1 billion, it is now the 4th biggest movie all-time. Only Titanic, Lord of the Rings & Pirates of the Caribbean have made more moolah.

After looking at that list, I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on what makes a successful movie. So this year I plan on spending much time developing a project that, come 2011, will bump everyone down a spot. It will be the spectacle of all spectacles. It will make pirates walk the plank, turn the holder of the rings into a mere pauper, sink the Titanic and make those creepy blue Avatar giants look like Smurfs…midget Smurfs!

I can’t tell you my plan, lest the ears of Hollywood are listening, but guaranteed it will have the one thing all those movies have in common. It will be painfully long!

3) Be Elected Mayor of Toronto

Today, I found out that the race for Mayor of Toronto officially begins. Although this was a shock (I didn’t know that Mel Lastman had finished his term), I will admit the scenario has left me quite intrigued.

I’m not sure about all the details, because the article was fairly lengthy and it had no pictures so I kind of just skimmed it, but I figure the process is very much like applying for Survivor. I’ll start working on my 3-min audition video soon. Then it’s only a matter of figuring out whether to be called, “Your Highness” or “King Timmy”.

My wife calls it is all sheer lunacy...but she often confuses the word "lunacy" for "brilliance".

2010. The world will never be the same again.

Have a good one,

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