Saturday, January 9, 2010

Timmy vs. Alyssa: A Literary Duel

IT'S THE WEEKEND. New posts resume on Monday.
Please take some time to check out the archives,
but don't forget to cast your vote...

I have initiated a literary duel with
actress Alyssa Milano!

The polls are now open. You will decide the winner!

1) Please take a moment to READ the dueling post:
"20 Things You Don't Know, by Boyle & Milano" (click on title)

2) Decide who showed the greater wit.

3) Cast your VOTE in the top-right corner of this site.
4) PASS the link on to all your friends (the more votes the better).
This is only the beginning!
Regardless of who wins, I plan on officially challenging Milano to a re-match!
She's good, but is she Timmy good? Stay tuned!

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