Thursday, June 10, 2010

That Hurts!

Well, once again a part of my body is wrapped in ice. Last Friday it was my right knee.'s my left wrist & forearm.

Now, unlike the happiness that surrounded my knee "injury", there is certainly no joy in this latest meeting between me and the ice pack. As it stands right now, I have either a very badly sprained wrist or a hairline fracture.

While playing baseball on Tuesday night, I dove to catch a last-inning liner that arched just over our 2nd basemen's head (and yes I did catch it). The whole play didn't seem much different than any of the other numerous diving plays that I've subjected my body to over the years, but this time my landing was obviously a little heavy on the glove hand.

Soon after the game my fingers began going numb, and pain started to shoot up my forearm every time I twisted my wrist. I didn't sleep well because of it and became quite worried that I had done some damage that I couldn't just "stretch out" or "walk off".

So, first thing yesterday morning I was off to visit my good ol' doctor who, after poking and twisting my arm for a few minutes, sent me upstairs to get an X-Ray.

Then came the bad news. It was the end of an era.

Getting the X-Ray would effectively end an iron man streak that I am immensely proud of.

Here is a picture of my left arm:

Do you notice anything?

My family frequents an awesome family water park resort called Great Wolf Lodge. It is our happy place.

Well, two years ago, on Father's Day weekend, I decided to start keeping the GWL bracelets, from each subsequent visit, on my arm.

That large sun-deprived area of skin, in the picture above, marks the spot where NINE Great Wolf Lodge bracelets once dwelt, 24-7!

So, here was my choice: Get the X-Ray or keep the bracelets on. And honestly...I had to think about it.  But, in the end I did the wise thing.  "DARN YOU WISDOM!"

Anyways, cutting off those bands hurt more than twisting my wrist side to side.

Now, I was planning to remove them soon anyways so you'd think that would make me feel better...but it doesn't. Why? Because I was forced to do it just 5 days short of the two year anniversary of the oldest band. 

Next weekend my family will be back at the Lodge for the annual Father's Day celebrations, and I was really looking forward to doing a ceremonial removal of the bracelets in Cub Club with a few of our Great Wolf friends.  Oh well...C'est la vie! (which means "Such is Life" or "Where is the bathroom?"...I can't remember)

So, for now it's ice and restricted movement while I wait for the X-Ray results. I have never broken a bone, as far as I know, but part of me is hoping this turns out to be my least then my bracelets won't have died early in vain!

Have a good one,

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  1. they are in a better place Tim. (your bracelets)


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