Friday, August 20, 2010

The Winds of Change

On Aug. 13, 2009 I wrote my first blog post. It was a highly emotional experience and one that is still very hard to discuss without my tear ducts overflowing with...tears.

I remember that moment like it was a year ago.

Writing the words, "Welcome to Timmy's Mind" and clicking "Publish Post" was eerily similar to the day I watched my baby boy being pushed out into the world...but without all the screaming and blood.

For many months, my baby developed in the comfortable womb that is my fertile mind.  Please note from now on the term "baby" refers to my blog. But, the day arrived to release my baby (see previous note) into the wonderfully uncertain world of Cyberspace.

My baby was, by far, the most beautiful baby in the entire blogosphere with only the brightest future ahead. Now, I realize everyone says things like that about their babies but most of the time it comes from a place of self-delusion. I speak only truth.

If you have any questions about my vow of honesty you can ask my wife. However, she is a very busy woman so please forward those questions to me and I’ll answer on her behalf.

Anyways, we’re not here to discuss honesty and nine other keys to a healthy marriage because, if we were, I would have started this post by saying,

Let’s talk about honesty and nine other keys to a healthy marriage.

Okay, then. What IS the reason for this post? Well, based on my own logic, you’d think the answer would rest in the opening line ("On Aug. 13, 2009 I wrote my first blog post.") doesn’t.

Always changing it up.  That’s just how I roll.

You see, in this particular instance, I started discussing the past in order to talk about the future - which is the actual reason for this post. But, it is now time to stop this literary dance and get to the point.

The future!

Inside Timmy’s Mind began as a test of endurance and creativity. After five months of 24-5 blogging, I slowed the pace substantially to concentrate on a personal endeavour called “Dare 2 Dream”.

(Notice the curve ball I just tossed, by bringing up the past again.  Pure genius.)

Well, the winds of change are once again blowing.  The writer inside me – who hangs out with the doctor inside me but is much better at his craft - is itching to get back to work. So, it's either pick up the writing pace or let my inner doctor loose.  And, believe me, no one wants the latter.  He tends to diagnose everything as gout.

Starting September 6, the new format begins.

I've wanted to restore Inside Timmy's Mind to a Monday - Friday blog, but I knew I couldn't be writing at the same whirlwind pace of my ealier days...and develop my video work, as well.  So, I've decided to write fresh posts twice a week and add "Mix & Mingle Monday", "Video Vendredi" and "Flashback Friday" to the lineup.

I'm very excited about this new season and, despite slight changes in format, the final words of my first post still remain true:

I'll do my best to write what it is in my mind. If I find it interesting, funny or absurd then I'll write about it. My hope is that there will be a small group of people that actually enjoy hanging out in Timmy's Mind.

Of course, I do hope that my small group of people will become slightly bigger.  Infact, you might as well invite them now, so they don't miss anything.

Have a good one,


  1. I am so excited to get to see new posts from Timmy, seeing you broaden your horizons. And as for the developing your video work, I can aid you with that!

  2. Thanks Miss Coralie. Nice to have you aboard. We'll talk videos for sure.

  3. Sounds very good to me, especially if it means stirring up that writer again (but in a way that doesn't push you off the edge). Really looking forward to see what comes next,

  4. Looking forward to this new season, Tim!

  5. Thanks Deb & Lynda.

    Deb: I think I'm already well over the edge.

  6. Don't look back - I'm pushing.....

  7. Who said that? I can't tell...'cause I'm looking ahead.


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