Friday, September 24, 2010

LOL...ya right! (Repost)


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This Flashback was requested by Steve A.  Enjoy!

LOL...ya right!
Original Post Date:
Aug. 31, 2009

A few weeks ago I talked about my feelings regarding emoticons. I don't hate the :) I just don't think it should be used after sarcastic or ironic comments. But then there is LOL and all of it's little annoying shorthand friends.

Just like the emoticon, I will admit that there is a time and place for these little emotional textings. Like...oh, I don't know...when they actually describe what you are doing. That would be a novel idea.

I bet 90% of the time (I'm being optimistic), the person who writes LOL didn't really LOL. They probably should have just written CM (Chuckling Mildly). Now, I am a person who likes to laugh and laughs often, but I don't LOL very much. In Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller's character spikes a volleyball into the bride-to-be's nose. LOL! I busted a gut when I watched that...almost peed (how do you spell that?) my pants.

But those moments in life are very few and far between. LOL should be saved for only the classic comedic moments of life which, in most cases, doesn't happen in a text message...unless you've got a comedic genius on the other end or you don't get out much, in general. Most of the time I CM or maybe even CMOL...but LOL? got to earn that. If I ever type LOL in response to something sent my way, then believe was darn funny...and I REALLY did LOL. And that should be true for you too!

I'll tell you what I never do, and neither does anyone else for that matter. ROFL. C'mon! ROFL? Really? Someone types a humourous statement and you get up out of your chair, lie on the ground and ROFL? If LOL is usually one big lie, than ROFL is the mother of all lies.

Now, I'm not saying that type of emotional response never happens, because it does...I've seen it. What I am saying is that you are definitely NOT ROFL while you're at your computer or on the bus reading a message off your "text machine" (I don't want to give anyone free advertising).

Even if what was written was so SUPER funny that it really did knock you onto the floor in a spontaneous emotional moment, then you wouldn't be typing ROFL...because you'd be too busy ROFL. And you definitely aren't going to type ROFL, and then get up and ROFL. That would be just plain weird! "Hey, that was funny! I think I'm going to ROFL. Here I go."


Then we have LMAO. Think about it. Enough said.

What I'm saying is this: Just be real! If you REALLY did LOL, then type LOL. If you REALLY did ROFL, then type ROFL (after it's run the course). And, if your A REALLY did fall O then... you might want to type 911.

Have a good one,

This post went on to become my first blog entry to make it's way to the big stage.  Here is the slightly modified version during a live performance almost exactly eight months later:

*If you have a favourite post from the vault, let me know in the comments and I'll resurrect it on a future Flashback Friday*


  1. I LOL a lot more often than the average person. And I'd say 75% of the time that I type it, I do it. But perhaps, after meeting me, that doesn't surprise you.

    LOL (truly - at least four times)

  2. You may be the Queen of LOL. 75% is good...but keep striving for perfection.


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