Monday, September 13, 2010

MMM - Connecting Now


Welcome to the first "Official" Mix & Mingle Monday.  Each week, I'll be taking some time to introduce you to a blog I find interesting, funny or absurd.   

Although the content you will be exposed to won't be coming directly from my mind, it will definitely be something my mind loves.  So, if you enjoy my'll enjoy these friends.

Now, there were two very strong candidates to become the answer for this future trivia question:

"What was the first ever blog to be highlighted by the critically acclaimed, 'Inside Timmy's Mind'?"

And the answer, for ever and ever, is:

Connecting Now is a blog that offers "offbeat advice for everyday coNUNdrums" and it delivers that...and more.  Although Lisa Mikitarian (I had to look up the spelling) is the kingpin of the Connecting Now universe, her daughter Maddie has since been added to the line-up.  Which, might I add, may have been the wisest descision Lisa has made. I wear my Team Maddie shirt everyday.

Whether these two wise, witty women tackle the everyday coNUNdrums, submitted by their readers, individually or as a tag-team, the result is always a win.  For who?  That's debatable.  But, surely someone wins.

I not only follow the happenings at Connecting Now, but am also a client. I submitted my own coNUNdrum a few weeks back and Maddie reached out to help. My life has never been the same again. Taking her words to heart, my world has spiralled horribly out of control. But, bless her heart…but she tried.

Connecting Now is insightfully funny.  And, quite frankly, any blog that discusses Engelbert Humperdinck while doling out advice is gold in my books.

"Who's that?" she asked me.
"Why that's Engelbert, honey," I answered.
"But he's old."
"He may have aged a little from his album cover days, but he's the same singer you've always loved."
"But he's old."

CONNECT NOW to Connecting Now:
Become a follower and make sure you tell them that Timmy sent you!  Enjoy.

Have a good one,


  1. She gets a t-shirt! There'll be no living with her! Thanks, Timmy--thanks a lot . . .and you said I shouldn't be worried. Sheesh.

  2. Lisa, does that mean you won't be ordering one?

  3. Timmy Tim, Timmy Tim, Timmy, Tim, Tim...(Muppet Treasure Island, anyone?)

    This post is brilliant.
    You are brilliant.
    That shirt is brilliant.

    I think we should print a limited edition one with me looking all pensive like that uber pale vampire guy off Twilight.

    Mother will want to join the Team soon enough.

    Seriously though, thanks for the kind words.
    Now I know what I'll request for Flashback Fridays!

  4. Never saw Muppet Treasure Island...and thank you.

    We'll look into some T-shirt ideas. Keep up the good work.

    Edward? Some call him a heart throb, but he gives me heart burn.

  5. Well, Timmy, I must agree with you! Connecting Now is THE PLACE for the Lycopene Queen these days. Absolutely thrilled to see so many agree with me. Lisa and Maddie got it goin' on, fer sure!

    I sense, tho, that you've got a hankerin' to move up in the ranks. Betcha got yer eye on Tungsten! Old Red is gonna have to get busy, I see! LOL

    Good choice, Timmy!


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