Monday, September 27, 2010

MMM - Jazz Unhinged

Welcome to Mix & Mingle Monday. Each week, I'll be taking some time to introduce you to a blog I find interesting, funny or absurd.  Although the content you will be exposed to won't be coming directly from my mind, it will definitely be something my mind loves. So, if you enjoy my'll enjoy these friends.

Today, I would like to mix it up a bit in the mingling department. Instead of being introduced to another blogger/blog I’d like to introduce you to a band. Yep. A band.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Back in April, while I was still in the planning stages for my Dare2Deam fundraising comedy show, a long-time friend (Scotty) wondered if I’d be interested in adding live music to the event.

Being a phenomenal drumming talent (Scotty, not me) I trusted that any band he was a part of would have members of equal, if not greater, musical ability. And, on May 1st 2010 at Seriously Funny!, I was proven correct.

That night Jazz Unhinged, whose slogan is “Make Jazz New, Make New Jazz”, treated those in attendance to an amazing and very unique musical experience. Their high-quality, energetic pre-show really set the mood for the entire evening, and their presence throughout the show helped maintain it.

It only took this one encounter for me to know that I wanted to work with these very talented and versatile musicians again. I am very excited to announce that time has already come.

A few weeks ago, after a brief meeting, Jazz Unhinged agreed to compose original music for my upcoming video projects. In fact, they have already completed a brilliant theme song for my first mini-mini web series, Pessimus Prime.  Check out the first episode here:

Their website boldly proclaims that Jazz Unhinged are “a force to be reckoned with!”

Who wouldn’t want to be connected with a force like that?

Hear some Jazz Unhinged:

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