Monday, September 6, 2010

An Omen...or was it?

Yesterday my family and I were visiting friends and hit the Trifecta: Great BBQ, delightful conversation and the best blueberry cheesecake in the entire known world.

We ate and laughed and…ate, long into the evening. However, it was an “All Good Thing” so, like all good things, we knew this too would not last forever.

Our desire to fight the inevitable was strong but, once again, we failed to create the eternal moment. Eventually, the sign our time had come to an end appeared.  And it was crystal clear…

The cheesecake was gone.

“Goodnight. Thanks for having us.”

With our hosts waving from their balcony, we got into our car for the trip home. Once all the doors were securely locked, mirrors properly adjusted and seat belts stretched snugly across each chest (consider that a PSA of sorts), I started the car.

Well…I “tried” to start it.

An hour later, as I watched the tow truck driver hook up my vehicle, I couldn’t help but wonder about the apparent coincidence.

The night before I’m about to start my new blogging schedule…my car won’t start.

Was it an omen!?


Just a crappy car.

Anyways, I’m very excited about the days ahead and hopefully you are as well. Starting today there will always be something happening Inside Timmy’s Mind…except on the weekends because, as in real-life, nothing happens in my mind on the weekend.

This Monday spot will normally be reserved for “Mix & Mingle Monday”, where I will introduce you to some of the blogs & bloggers that I find interesting, funny or absurd.

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Also, if there is any topic you're just dying to see from my perspective, make a COMMENT below...and I'll see what I can do.

Sometimes serious, mostly humourous, Inside Timmy's Mind may be a little different, but will never be boring!

I have to go check on my car. See you tomorrow.

Have a good one,


  1. Hope it doesn't cost much. What kind of cheesecake was it? And how do you feel about those rubber shoes with the individual toes?

  2. What! You have to approve my comment? I thought you were more free-flying than that!

  3. 1. If the cost is anything over $25 it's more than the value of our car.
    2. It was blueberry...beautiful blueberries.
    3. I'd change my settings, if you weren't such a loose cannon...and if I knew how to do it.

    I want to be free-flying with my comments, but I have a regular reader that's a little nuts. What a coNUNdrum! I wish someone could help me.

  4. Here I am! The party can continue :)

    Looking forward to (I think!) learning more about what's going on in Timmy's mind. I believe Things and Pictionary Telephone gave me a hint, and my appetite is officially whetted ;)

  5. It was a great visit! Hope your car is fixable??

    A topic that I would like you to address would be who the next Jays Manager should be?? I heard a little rumour that Joe Torre will not be with the Dodgers next year.

  6. Best blueberry cheesecake in the entire known world? Come on now!
    The topic I am dying to see from your perspective is about people collecting things. Even in the poorest counties :)

  7. Joanne: Great to have ya and don't worry my life is very similar to Pictionary Telephone.

    Jason: The Bluejays eh? Hmmm. While I ponder that, make sure you check out some old Jay posts...

  8. The blueberry cheesecake was the bomb (Do people still say that?). I'm collecting comments right now.


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