Monday, October 18, 2010

The Great Debate at Connecting Now!

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Settle in for this one. It's longer than usual, but completely necessary.

The Mik Chiks over at Connecting Now never cease to amaze me.

Although it has only been 35 days since this very funny, yet strangely insightful, advice blog was highlighted on my first ever Mix & Mingle Monday, they have already managed to get themselves back Inside Timmy’s Mind.

Over the last week, I have been very busy preparing for two nights of comedy at a very unique little dinner theatre in Pickering, ON. As a result of this singular focus, I was not keeping as close an eye on the goings on at my favourite blog (that has an orange phone as its logo).

On Saturday, just prior to departing for the second show, I decided to do a quick check of what I’d been missing…and stumbled across a very important matter being raised in the Connecting Now universe. It was, by far, the biggest coNUNdrum I had seen Lisa and Maddie try to tackle.

With so much at stake, and the comments getting clearly out of hand, I knew I needed to jump in, but time was not on my side. To be able to digest all that was before me and comment appropriately, before the 17:00 Sunday deadline (Zulu time)…was simply impossible.

So, I requested an extension and Lisa – wisely – granted me an extra day.

Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what all the fuss is about…while others have already moved on to another blog.

You see, Connecting Now has a membership system in place and they have just offered up two candidates for entrance into Stainless Steel via debate.

Being a very proud Stainless Steel Member (inducted 10/01/10) I feel it is my duty, when presented the opportunity, to help make sure that, unlike the Hockey Hall of Fame, The Mik Chik Hall remains untarnished and legitimate.

Lisa and Maddie have each chosen to represent a prospective member. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I am the president/founder of Team Maddie I assure you I am more than capable of keeping my deep admiration for Maddie from clouding my judgement in this very (very…very) important matter.


B. Labuff (represented by Lisa) and A. Wiley (represented by the very wise Maddie).


1) The candidate must do/say something extraordinary.
2) The candidate must be generally likable/pleasing to us.
3) The candidate must prove his/her worthiness for membership in an intense debate against another candidate.


My conclusion will be based on nothing more than the debate itself. Unlike others, with their emotional blinders on, who have said, “This my beloved friend, so please vote!” I am not basing my decision on anything but…the debate. Let us begin.

Maddie begins with a call to human decency. A sappy, but intriguing start. Point Maddie. Her prospective member (A. Wiley) is presented as lovely, young, faithful, loving and giving. All great qualities that fit nicely into the criteria of “likeability”…except for one. Did Maddie just imply that if A. Wiley had been “old” she would cease to be likeable? Hmmm. Back to zero.

Maddie enjoys the comments of A. Wiley, but uses the word “always” which clearly breaks the debate code of ethics as laid out by eHow. Not wise so early in the game. Win me over first, then drop the code. Minus one.

Maddie uses a recent comment from A. Wiley as proof positive of her incredible humour (note: I used a U in humour, ‘cause that’s the way it’s spelled.)…but is it funny?

"I would have been rushing off to get a tattoo, but sadly I'm allergic to tomatoes
and it would be a short-lived (but very romantic, I'm sure) marriage
ending in anaphylactic death throes...or something like that."

Okay, “death throes…or something like that.” is definitely funny. Assuming Maddie is trying to imply that “humour” fits into the aforementioned “likeability” category, then job well done. However, she negates her victory by comparing A. Wiley to Shakespeare.

Although Willie (may he rest in peace) did write about romances ending in tragic deaths…or something like that…and has a name similar to Wiley, he wasn’t exactly lovely, young or a woman, which makes Maddie’s comparison rather weak. It is a classic example of over doing it to cover up a perceived flaw. What is A. Wiley’s flaw? I’m not sure, but Maddie worked real hard to keep us in awe...rather than be realistic.

Still down a point, Maddie uses another A. Wiley comment to establish, once and for all, that A. Wiley is just as witty in the conscious and unconscious worlds. For, even a “perceived” typo makes for an LOL…or two.

"I thought about trying out for Dead or No Deal..."

We don’t know if that is a typo or not. It’s pure conjecture, and I’m pretty sure you can’t use conjecture…at least Matlock would never use it. Minus two.

If it is a typo then A. Wiley truly is funny even when she’s not trying (a very “likeable” quality). If it isn’t a typo, she is either referring to a very obscure HBO series or simply revealing a very dark side which really isn’t so likeable after all.

Put that one in your pipes and smoke it…as Maddie would (and did) say.

MADDIE (A. Wiley) -2
LISA (B. Labuff) TBD

Now let’s take a look at Lisa’s side of the argument. And unless she really tanks…it doesn’t look good for Wiley.

Going down a different route than her opponent, Lisa doesn’t start by describing her candidate. Rather she attempts to kiss-up to the voters by describing them as “perceptive” and “discerning”. I’m not sure if most of her readers understand three syllable words, but I do and willingly accept the kiss-up...and grant her one point.

On kiss-up alone, I will also overlook the early use of the word “always” (even though it’s in all caps).

Maddie had proved one thing and one thing alone. Wiley is funny. Lisa does not disagree and simply needs to prove that B. LaBuff is either MORE funny or brings more to the table than being lovely, young, faithful, loving and giving.

Lisa opens with an example of LaBuff’s commentary that reads,

"As I was reading Lisa's name and all the initials between Lisa and Mikitarian...
I'm mental-ly [emphasis on the mental] was saying each of the names. :)"

Hmmm? Interesting…but not necessarily more funny. Had she wrote “…or something like that” at the end it may have been closer.

Emphasizing the “mental” part of the word mentally is like emphasizing the “car” in the word “cars”. Removing the suffix isn’t necessary and definitely doesn’t help LaBuff’s cause in this particular challenge. Back to zero.

However, I will acknowledge the reason Lisa used the above statement was not to address “funniness”, but rather to try and prove something about LaBuff that wasn’t proven to be true about Wiley. That being, LaBuff has a good memory. But, Wiley was never proven to be lacking memory and, as Maddie rightfully argued, it is only implied with Labuff. Therefore, we minus one point for wasting our time.

Lisa then takes a personal shot at Maddie, which although very amusing...and intriguing, does fail to address the issue at hand and forces me to take away another point.

On my score sheet, it’s all tied up. Minus 2 to Minus 2. I have a gut feeling that Lisa knew it was close, because it is here that she brings out what she herself calls the “most persuasive piece of evidence”.

Lisa goes on to describe a LaBuff that has seemingly worked her Buff off on behalf of “the readers AND (Lisa & Maddie).”

That sound you hear is Maddie/Wiley taking an uppercut…flush to the jaw!

Then, Lisa reveals this gem from LaBuff,

"Lisa, have you ever thought of being Li-Mik (kind of a J-Lo type thing? :)"

OOOOH! A wicked left-cross. Don’t even bother counting to ten. Maddie/Wiley isn’t getting up.

MADDIE (A. Wiley) -2
LISA (B. LaBuff) 0

The final score isn’t pretty, but there is a clear winner.  And if my 1000+ words mean anything at all,

Welcome to the club…B. LaBuff!
(unless all this work only equals one measly vote...then too bad for you)

No offense to A. Wiley but, as hard as this is to say, Team Maddie dropped the ball on this one. She made Lisa try on the glove…and it didn’t fit.

Wiley, you may be a very deserving candidate (and probably are), but you might want to consider representing yourself next time.

*You could check out the entire debate HERE…but why? I just summarized it for you?  Unless you just wanna get connected with Connecting Now...which isn't such a bad idea.

Have a good one,

P.S.  I'm still wearing the Team Maddie T-Shirt.



  1. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    This is a great and professional analysis, if I've ever read one. Surely this will carry a lot of weight over at Connecting Now! :)

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

  2. This time push the button marked "Post a Comment".

  3. Timmy, have you ever thought of being the president's personal advisor? Your in-depth analysis of both sides of the debate, and your perfect conclusion is astounding.

  4. Yes, my country is very happy to have me. And although I've never thought about being a political advisor, I WOULD LOVE to have Jeff Probst's job on Survivor.

  5. Maddie!! I need to talk to you!

  6. Wow... my brain hurts. How's yours, Timmy? And what country do you reside in? Canada right? (whew)

    Seriously, though... It's good to see someone make a decision not based on like/dislike/intimidation/bribery/whine factor/cheesey factor/fraction factor. Instead you used the fact factor...or something like that.

    have you ever thought of changing your name to T-Bo? Now THAT's a cool name.

    Three cheers for B. TheNaked...errr I mean B. TheEnthusiast. *woot*woot*

    ☆ ♥ ☆ ♥

  7. Mari, my brain is good. Thanks for asking. And yes, I'm Canadian. I actually have named a drink after myself, called the "T-Boy". Your kind words are much appreciated. Have a good one...or something like that.

  8. I haven't been able to comment on this until now, and of course we all know how the election went down DESPITE Timmy's analysis.

    Amy--Don't lose faith in me. Don't dump me for one of those hotshot managers with connections when they try to schmooze you with fancy dinners and cars and fame.

    But Timmy, I AM a little hurt. Just a little.

    This changes the scope of Team Maddie.

    But it's nothing that can't be solved with bribery/whining/cheesyness/everything else that Mari hates.

    It's okay, she knows that's how I roll.

  9. Team Maddie is solid. I won't bribe or whine...but I will reference you in more vlogs if necessary.


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