Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Making of a Champion 'Stache!

MOvember UPDATE: Week 2

Well, I’ve been rockin’ the ‘stache for a full week and, I must say, it’s really beginning to grow on me.

Apparently, I’m rockin’ the double entendre as well.

Anyways, when my wife gave me the okay to dive lip-first into the MOvember pool, I’m sure she was hoping for a ripple…not a splash. So, when I handed the future of my face into the hands of the voting public she, rightfully, squirmed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Heidi believes in the democratic process - when it comes to decisions made outside our home – but she also believes in Murphy’s Law.

You see, in her mind, there was one very wrong choice among the ‘stache candidates that, because of cosmic energy focused on turning our world upside-down, would ultimately end up winning.

And, she was right…about the winner, not the ‘stache.

I believe the best ‘stache won and know this: Murphy’s Law is no match for Hulkamania.

Filling out rather nicely, I’d say!

I’m takin’ my vitamins, sayin’ my prayers and rockin’ the ‘stache to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research.

Every donation (big or small) will help do the following:

1) Body Slam prostate cancer and,
2) Make my wife feel better!

Please visit my MOvember profile page and tag in, by leaving a small donation to this very important cause. ca.movember.com/mospace/527526/


Before I go, let me introduce you to a Mo Bro and a Mo Sista:


Have a good one,


  1. Your nose hair disturbed me. I'll make a donation before the month is out.

  2. Lisa, it disturbs me too...and thanks.

    Joanne, somethings never change.

  3. I agree with Lisa. I wish I were as bold as she.

    Aren't you supposed to shave your chin and cheeks? What's with all the stubble.

    Not a Hulkster Fan

    ps to Heidi: Love you stache-sister. MwA.

  4. Catrina, everyone wishes they were as bold as Lisa. The stubble is a result of being away with Heidi for a few days...It will disappear again.

    PS. what is MwA ("something" with attitude)?

  5. ditto to the too close and oddly personal nose hairs- but I'm married- I see those things a lot, just not so close on a friend. I promise to donate if you promise to get Heidi to help you take a pic that doesn't feature them so prominently next time. (of note: very grateful there's nothing caught in them)

    p.s. saw that Brian Klems (Writer's Digest newsletter editor) is a Mo Bro, too. http://thelifeofdad.blogspot.com/p/about-movember.html

  6. D.L. I'm all about keepin' it real. And...deal accepted! I'll also check out Brian's site.

  7. Great Mo, my fellow bro! Love the "Champion in the Making" baseball-ish card with the stats. Keep up the great work (and thanks for the note on my blog. I appreciate it.)



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