Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet Kelita

Each week, I'll be taking some time to introduce you to a blog I find interesting, funny or absurd.  Although the content you will be exposed to won't be coming directly from my mind, it will definitely be something my mind loves. So, if you enjoy my'll enjoy these friends.

“All men are created equal (and) are endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable Rights that among these are
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I’m not sure if I saw the above quote on the back of cereal box or on a bathroom wall, but it really should be put in some official document…’cause it’s really good.

Anyways, wrapped up in those three rights are many smaller rights. One of which I like to refer to as,

the right to possess the ability to laugh.”

When people, for any number of situations, aren’t able to laugh...I feel sad.  Now, I realize there is a time for everything.  There are times to laugh and there are times to cry but, some of those “sad” times are inevitable – like death, while others occur despite being preventable - like the movie “Leprachaun”.

Okay, as brutal as it was, even Jennifer Aniston would agree there are worse things than “Leprachaun”. Way worse.

Extreme Poverty, Cancer and Child Abuse…just to name a few.

As a comedian, I believe that everyone deserves to laugh...and none of the above is funny in the least.  Therefore, they need to stop.

There are situations when an amusing blog, video or live performance will bring welcome relief in a time of hardship, but there are other times when more than a good chuckle is needed.  With that in mind, I not only strive to give the gift of laughter but am intent on finding ways to use my creative avenues to help hurting people get back to a place where they are able to laugh at all.

That is why I ran a marathon for Haiti, have grown a moustache for MOvember and am taking today to introduce you to


Kelita is a very special woman. I’ve worked with her in the past and I miss her immensely. She’s an extraordinary comedienne, singer/songwriter, speaker who is on an extraordinary mission.

“There are over 1.2 million children in our world today who are victims of child exploitation.
The buying and selling of little children for sex and pornography is a multi billion dollar business.”

Kelita, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, has become a justice advocate and fundraiser for Cambodians who are victims of the child sex trade. She is also the director and founder of “Heavenly Night” which was “birthed out of her passion to help those who have been enslaved and fight the injustices.” (quote from her website).

With this Friday, November 19 being International Prevention of Child Abuse Day, I didn't think there was a better blog to recomment you Mix & Mingle with.

Kelita is helping children laugh again.  Please check out her blog HERE...and tell her Timmy says he misses her.

Have a good one,

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