Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow...I die. Pass it on.

Tomorrow…I die.


But hey, I’ll be in good company.

Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, Ryan Seacrest and Kim Kardashian (to name a few) will be joining me...or rather, I’ll be joining them.

Now, before you start flagging this post as some sort of national security issue, let me explain.

The wonderfully talented, immeasurably caring Alicia Keys has organized a day of "death"...to bring life. The hope is to raise $1 million for her charity Keep a Child Alive.

Starting tomorrow a group of celebs (and me) have agreed to GO SILENT on Twitter and Facebook, until the impressive fundraising goal is reached. You can help bring a celebrity (or me) back to life with $10 donations.

The Celebrity Plus Timmy Blackout shouldn’t take long. After all, there’s a cool 5 million people out in this crazy world that will REALLY die if they can’t get their up-to-the-minute Kim Kardashian fix.

Surely there are 100,000 Kardashianites who will pony up a sawbuck to get their beloved Kim back before noon. In fact, I say it’s all over by 10am.

Regardless, I think it’s an amazingly creative initiative for an awesome cause and it will do very, very well…with or without me.

At some point, when the $1 million goal has been reached, I’ll resurrect myself along with Seacrest, Holmes and Kim...and life will never be the same again. Not for me or the celebs (helping others always changes you) and definitely not for the children who will actually receive “life”.

Now, I’m obviously no celebrity (outside my own mind)…But, I’m trying to do what I can. However, here’s the big question:

If a NON-celeb goes silent…will anyone hear?

Tomorrow I die so that kids in Africa won’t have to.

No Twitter – sorry 85 followers
No Facebook – sorry 167 fans
No Blog – sorry 40 & 49 followers
No Videos – sorry 19 subscribers

Can some dude in Canada and his modest fan base make a dent in this lofty goal? Why not? I may not have 7,000,000 little monsters following me like Lady Gaga, but I’m a dreamer with the best of them.

Believe me, if I raise $10 total (thanks to my mom, ahead of time) then it’s all good. $10 goes along way in Africa, but I refuse to see any reason why it can’t be more!

I’m calling on Non-Celebs everywhere to Keep a Child Alive by buying back a fellow Non-Celeb life.  (Note: I will accept celebrity donations, as well).


Would you buy back my online life for a simple $10 donation?

If so, maybe you'll read this future headline:

Team “Some Dude in Canada” raises more than Team Seacrest!

Okay, that would be a miracle. But, with Christmas fast approaching, I would like to quote Hans Gruber from Die Hard: “Theo. It’s Christmas. It’s the time for miracles.”

I know you’re not Theo (unless you are), but you get the point.

Now, I’m not on the official web page (buylife.org), but I’ve created an account with firstgiving.com. It’s a secure donation site that will send your contributions directly to Keep a Child Alive.

Help an AIDS affected child in Africa or India today. Buy my life back!

Click Image to Donate.  Thanks!

P.S. I’m really, really counting on YOU to share this link with all the people you know, as much as you can because…well…I wont’ be able to.

I’ll be dead!

"There is a profound difference between living and life.
Living may extend time for another day.
But life is far more than sleeping and waking.
Life is more than merely existing."
– Keep a Child Alive Website

See you on the other side.

P.S. Could someone ask Seacrest if he’ll buy my life for $10? That would be awesome, thanks.


  1. What an awesome initiative. And I think there are a couple other people who MIGHT see you as a celebrity. Praying.

  2. Thanks Joanne! Please remember me while I'm dead. Pass it on.

  3. "I know you're not Theo. Unless you are" - made me literally LOL.

    First your facial follicles, now you're very cyber life...you truly are a giving person. I will get right on this...

    PS: How long do you think you/any of us could truly unplug before we get the Dt's? Be sure to let us know how that feels and what you do with your 'free' time!

  4. Do you know a Theo? I don't.
    Thanks and I'd appreciate as much "sharing" as possible. I don't know how long I'll be dead for, but I'm sure I'll RIP.

  5. I'd actually pay to see them vacate the media's eye completely, and quadrimillionth your exposure, Timmy Boyle!!

  6. Thanks Cat.
    Well...at least these particular ones are using their platform for a good cause. Hopefully my little platform will help.

  7. hahaha...I never thought I'd laugh at someone's death, but there I go. I think it's awesome, Timmy. Prayers for a quick resurrection. :-)

  8. Too bad you're dead...cuz now you can't tell me what I'm doing wrong...the donation page isn't working...this isn't looking good AT ALL...


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