Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Timmy's Top 10 Favourite Princesses! Part I

I know it’s still a few months away, but I’m really excited about the impending Royal Wedding…despite not receiving my invitation yet. I’m sure it’s in the mail.

On April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton will become man and wife and while Prince William seems like a good dude and all…I’m not really interested in his role in all of this. I want to talk about Kate.

I like Kate…and she’ll probably make a good princess.

Which got me thinking. What makes a great princess? Is it wisdom? Good fashion sense? Great legs? Charity work? Charm? Great legs? Wit? Great legs?

Let me tell you…with so many factors in play it’s not an easy thing to determine. So, rather than consider what makes a princess great, I simply listed my favourite princesses…and later discovered a trend.

Over the next week, I will list my favourite princesses of all time, reveal a slight bias and give Kate a little insight into how she could one day break the top-ten.

So…here we go. Starting with a few who just didn’t quite make the cut:

Honourable Mentions:

Queen Latifah (remember when she was just Princess Latifah?), Prince (the name is deceiving) and the Princess who could feel the pea beneath like 100 mattresses (that’s just freaky cool).

Now...on with the show:

10. Elizabeth
aka - the Paper Bag Princess

Elizabeth is a princess who wants a prince, but doesn’t need one.

She’s resilient enough to get up after being knocked down; she’s brave enough to confront her past by staring down the very dragon which put her in rags; she’s smart enough outwit said dragon and she’s wise enough to rid herself of the "Jersey Shore Look at me!” Ronald.

A princess who walks around in a paper bag? C’mon, if that isn’t unpretentious, down to earth and strangely appealing, what is?

9. Giselle

Giselle is clueless…but as real as it gets.

Sure she doesn’t have an ounce of street smarts, but is that such a bad thing? Maybe…but Snooki has tons of street smarts which clearly isn’t good either. Sure Giselle could buy a clue or two, but there isn’t a hidden agenda anywhere under that poofy dress of hers. She’s virtually un-hateable. You might be jealous of her “glass is always completely full and over flowing into the other overflowing glasses all around it” outlook on life, but you can’t hate her for it. She’s a believer…in dreams, in people and in love. She’s just so darn adorable!

I would love to take a walk in the park with her!

Well folks, those two princesses are pretty awesome...but they only round out my Top Ten. Go to PART II HERE to find out what princesses I ranked higher.

If you think you have some ideas of who they may be, please post a comment...I'd be very interested in your predictions. I think there will be some surprises.

Have a good one,


  1. Not EVEN gonna guess. I KNOW I'll be surprised :)

  2. not guessing, but elijah and i have watched the video 2 times so far. Giselle's pretty sweet - I've always wanted to livein a musical like she does... and no matter what my favorite scene is her prince being run over by the bikes.. I l'dol the 1st time I saw it and cm every other time.
    looking forward to discovering the other 8.

  3. Joanne...I hope you are.
    Michelle...the bike scene is hilarious.

  4. I'd guess Jasmine is going to be high on the list. Just a hunch. :)


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