Thursday, February 24, 2011

Timmy's Top 10 Favourite Princesses! Part III

Welcome to Part 3 of Timmy's Top Ten Favourite Princesses. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, please take a few moments to catch up by clicking HERE.

Now it is time to find out which princesses I’d love to rule with…assuming I wasn’t already married to my beautiful Queen (statements like that are what allow me to keep posting entries like this).

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you my TOP THREE Favourite Princesses:

3. Diana
aka - Wonder Woman

Diana is Xena without the bloody past…and the leather.

She’s not just a princess. She’s an Amazon princess! Hello! She sits high on my list primarily because, as this chart shows, top to bottom her strengths clearly outweigh her weaknesses:

Bullet-Proof Bracelets
Lasso of Truth
Tiara Boomerang
Invisible Airplane
Short Shorts

Sometimes loses her invisible airplane
No leather

A princess this top heavy deserves to be recognized.

2. Leia

The only black mark against Leia is she has an absolute twit for brother…

Along with being “Force-sensitive”, this princess has more spunk wrapped up in those side hair buns than most people have in their entire body. She’s small, but feisty. Leia, got game…and a lot of it! She brought the high flying Han Solo to the ground; She talked smack to Lord Vader – the evilest dude in the entire universe; And she literally choked the life out of the biggest, meanest, ugliest slug the world has ever known…while wearing a golden medal bikini.

Have you ever tried to strangle a giant slug while wearing a golden medal bikini? Give this princess the props she deserves.

1. Diana (of Wales) 

Diana was the people’s princess.

An absolutely captivating woman. She wasn’t born into The Royal Family, but royalty was certainly born into her. There isn’t a princess on the planet who had such a global impact. The world celebrated her wedding…and remembered where they were when it happened. The world mourned her death…and remembered where they were when it happened. The majestic wedding and her tragic death were bookends to a life marked with incredible charity work. An unlikely “rebel”, Diana was a seemingly tortured soul who used her immense platform to bring joy, hope & comfort to other tortured souls. She wasn’t perfect, but clearly took her role seriously…and the monarchy hasn’t been the same since.

The worst illness of our time is that so many people have to suffer from never being loved.
                                                                                                      - Princess Diana of Wales

Hey (soon to be Princess) Kate,

You probably don’t have magic hair or latent Jedi powers. You might not be able to create a Glee-like moment in the middle of a public park, sing bass or call on the forest animals to do your will. You can’t be a mermaid, a warrior princess or an Amazon goddess. And, you won’t be Diana.

But next year...if you rebel a little and love a lot…you might just make this list.

P.S. I understand if you don’t want to walk around in a paper bag…but have you considered leather?

Just think about it.

Have a good one,


  1. i'm happy with the top three.
    I assumed Diana would be there and dan assumed Leia would be there - wonder woman was a surprise.
    I like the top three for sure.
    good words of advice for Kate. hwo knows if she'll ever read this - one never knows.

  2. Yup. I definitely agree (in a girly kinda way).

  3. Michelle...if you ever chat with Kate, give her the link.

    Joanne...nice to hear a girly way and a manly way can come to similar conclusions.

  4. Hey - what happened to Jasmine? :) I was going to guess Lady Di, but that just seemed to obvious for someone with your....eclectic? tastes.

  5. Cat...Eclectic is a really good word. Although there is a fairly common thread.

  6. I'll never forget watching princess Diana's wedding on TV. I was really little and I watched it at my grandma's house. Not surprised to see Wonder Woman in there! When we were playing super heroes as kids, I always wanted to be her.

  7. Most people forget Wonder Woman was princess...but not me!


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