Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Great Twit Experiment: The Aftermath

*Check out the experiment HERE

Okay. To call it an “experiment” is a little extreme, because that implies I actually had a theory & hypothesis in place. So, why did I contact the 77 Twits I follow?

To satisfy some deep need to understand the complex dynamics of an organic community living in a technological shell? Nope. Just thought it would be cool.

And it was.

The responses, the stats I compiled and especially the questions raised in my own mind, “Why do I follow you?” and “Why should you follow me?” were all…cool.

“Why do I follow you?”

The fact is, despite my “social” experiment, I don’t follow you on Twitter because you’re social. I follow you because you post things I find funny or interesting…or you’re wearing Hotpants in your avatar – I’m sure @IttyBittyBikini479 has some deep insights.

Now, if you want to chat…I’m all for it. I love people and have met some awesome Twits over the last year. However, dropping the occasional, “Hello” isn’t really a requirement for me to follow you.

This may expose me as a brutal self-promoter but, quite frankly, I don’t care if you have Klout or take part in reciprocal following. In other words, I don’t follow you because you can boost my numbers.

And, unless your name is Ben Stiller or Alyssa Milano, I don’t care if you’re a celebrity. Stiller is second to Newhart on my comedic idol list, but it’s his work in Haiti I’m presently admiring. As for Alyssa, sure she tops my All-time Celebrity Crush list, but the Queen of Twitter always has some interesting or amusing nugget to share. My point is your follower to follow ratio isn’t important to me. Having a million followers is impressive…but it doesn’t mean I want to follow you.

If you can make me laugh or think…I’ll probably follow you. That’s it.

“Why should you follow me?”

For the same reason.

Now, I’m not about to turn away any follower or start DM’ing people questioning their decision to follow me.

But, I don’t want you to follow me because I followed you (It’s very nice…but unnecessary), or you were worried my numbers are low (I’m genuinely thankful for your concern) or because you want a new friend (Which may…or may not happen).

I don’t care for auto-follows, for companies who follow based on keywords (I type “credit card” and three credit companies follow me. I type Alyssa Milano and…still nothing) or for people who send mass blind follows hoping to grow a mass blind following.

I want you to follow me because I post things you find funny or interesting…or you think I look great in Hotpants. That’s it.

Look, I’m a pretty simple dude. I’d much rather have a small number of followers who actually enjoy me and the things I produce then a million followers who wouldn’t know if I stopped creating.


I’m looking for people I might enjoy…and people who might enjoy me.

If you know any…tell them @timmybits sent you.

Click the little birdy...

Have a good one,


  1. I agree.
    Question: do you block those auto-follows?
    I haven't decided what to do - unless they're super sketchy (not so much a fan of the hot pants to be honest)I'll let 'em stay.
    Also, I'm a rebel. that's why I didn't respond.

    (Word verification: overcrud)

  2. I blocked two that were clearly on the "super sketchy" side. As for the rest...I just assume my follower number will always be slightly inflated.

    Rebel...ya, I figured. But, you are one of the few non-responders who made my network picture.

    Overcrud. Awesome.


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