Friday, March 25, 2011

The Tour That Started My Career...

Tomorrow is a big day in Timmy’s little world.

I can’t call it my television debut. That was January 12, 2007, when I was highlighted in an Entertainment Tonight Canada segment.

In fact, if you tune in to CTS TOMORROW (Sat. Mar. 26) at 10:30pm (Ont.) you’ll be able to hear a little bit about that experience.

You see, four years ago, not long after I attempted to become the lone male in a female dominated television role, I was asked to road manage a cross-Canada tour called, “Leland Klassen’s Comedy Tournament”.

Little did I know that experience would end up becoming the launching pad for my stand-up comedy career.

So, where does TV come into all this?

Well Leland’s three-fold vision was this (in my words):

One: To create a travelling coliseum in which to pit aspiring comics against each other, for the amusement of others.

Two: To mentor, encourage and raise up a new generation of clean comedians.

Three: To document the entire experience – onstage, backstage & offstage – and present it to the world as a reality show.

This, of course, meant having two camera men looking over our shoulders almost 24-7, gathering footage that would eventually be compiled into the 13 episodes that are now…finally…going to air!

27 Rookies – 20 Cities – 6 Finalists – 2 Cameras – 1 Manager – 1 Veteran and eventually…1 Grand Champion.

Did you see, “1 Manager”? That’s me.

Did you see, “Grand Champion”? That’s…I can’t tell you.

What I can tell you is…heading into the tour I wasn’t exactly sure what it would entail and I definitely wasn’t aware of the crucial role it would end up playing in my future.

I had met Leland a few times at other events I had managed, but we didn’t know each other well. I’m not even sure I knew there would be cameras. But, I DID know I wanted to have a quality story to tell when I got off the long flight from Ontario to B.C.

And, in Episode One you’ll hear The Airplane Story the very first time it was ever told.

“First time”, because not only was it my introduction to Leland and my introduction to those who watch this series, but it went on to become the centerpiece of my first official 7-minute comedy set…and, it’s more polished version, gets to the stage almost every time I perform.

Early in the tour, I was asked to fill a last minute need. Would I be willing to introduce Leland, that night?

I said, yes.

And…well. For me, the rest is history…in the making.

I’m incredibly honoured to be on this series! It’s a brilliantly unique concept that is funny and inspiring. There’s a lot of stand-up, but the series isn’t primarily about the performances…it’s about the stories behind the performances (of which mine is just one).

So, starting tomorrow, tune into CTS every Saturday and watch “a comedy reality show that will touch your funny bone and your heart”.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

*Find your CTS channel # HERE

Have a good one,


  1. That's great news--and a funny video.

  2. That was really funny! Congrats on your TV show.

  3. Thanks Fringegirl,

    There isn't any shows like it.

    For me, it's very cool to be able to have my transition into Stand-up documented as one of the back stories. Lots has happened since then. It's hard to believe 4 years have passed.

    Season 2 is filming next month.

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