Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Yoga"...and Seven Other Awesome "YO-" Words

There was a time when I thought Yoga was only for women…and men who couldn’t quite figure out how to throw properly.

But then…I attempted this:

That’s my cousin, Amy. My attempt looked more like this:

Anyways, I’ve come along way and have actually become a pro-yogaer even though I’m not yet a pro-yogaer…if you know what I mean.

Recently, while stuck in the Downward Dog pose...

...I began to wonder about my previously distorted, and quite illogical, view of Yoga. After all, why would I consider Yoga to be wishy-washy when almost every other thing that starts with “YO-” ends up representing some awesome human quality.


1. Yo Yo Ma = Excellence

Gather the top people in any field in the history of the world - Michael Jordan, Socrates, Picasso, Einstein…Snooki – and tell me this world-class Cellist doesn’t stack up favourably. Okay, he’s no Snooki, but he clearly belongs in the group as a whole.

2. Yo Yo = Child-Like Enthusiasm

Sure the Yo-Yo isn’t easy to master, but it’s the ultimate symbol of simple fun. It spins. It bounces. It flies. It rocks. It jumps. It loops. And…if you do it just right, you can fling it within inches of your friends nose.

3. “Yo Mama” = Competitive Spirit

“Talkin’ Smack” has been around from the beginning of time. Ever since Cain told Abel he was the biggest vegetable in the garden, every physical battle of note has been accompanied by a solid war of words. And, “Yo Mama”…is the mother of them all. Game on!

4. “Yo Ho Ho…and a Bottle of Rum” = Entrepreneurship

Who doesn’t want to be a pirate? These brave souls, following their dreams, shunned the 9-5 business world and set off to do what they loved. The peg legs and eye patches are testament to the fact it is not easy being your own boss but, by all accounts, most of these guys turned a very hefty profit. Good on them.

5. Yoda = Wisdom

Yoga sounds like Yoda (except with a “d” sound instead of a “g” sound) and Yoda sounds like every philosopher the world has ever produced. Sure, he may have one wicked problem with Grammar but once you’re able to navigate his topsy-turvy speech impediment you’ll see wisdom beyond his 900 years.

6. Yogi Bear = Overcoming Obstacles

Despite being raised in the woods among “average” bears, he would not let his environment define his identity…or his future. While other bears were tipping garbage bins, Yogi created elaborate, multi-“pic-a-nic” basket, stealing rigs. A common thief? Yes. A common bear? No. He was smarter than that.

7. Yogurt = Creamy Goodness

Okay. Creamy Goodness may not be a “character quality”…but who doesn’t like yogurt? It’s healthy. It flows. It’s Yoga in a container…without the cramping.

Yo! That’s an impressive list.

So, while I go stand like a tree, would you be so kind as to vote for my cousin in a contest? She’s nothing short of impressive. Much appreciated.

Have a good one,


  1. I was about to have a fit if you didn't include Yogi Bear - who was the first one that came to MY mind. Great stuff.

  2. There are times when I think, where on earth did that come from? And then there are times when I think, better not to go there.

    Dude, next time, yoga pants, man. Nobody wears shorty shorts to yoga. Long shorts maybe.

  3. Joanne...Yogi was one of the first in my mind as well. Glad you approve.

    DL...shorty shorts are coming back!


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