Friday, June 3, 2011

Not Raptured

It's time for an update.  I didn't get raptured.

I came home from touring on May 13 and would have started writing again but a series of events have kept me from picking up where I left off.

1)  May 14 - May 20: Prepared for Rapture

2)  May 21: Waited for Rapture
3)  May 22 - May 26:  Enjoyed the Rapture  
4)  May 27:  Discovered Rapture didn't actually happen
5)  May 28:  Watched UFC 130
5)  May 29:  Listed harp on Kijiji
6)  May 30:  Picked up cats
7)  May 31:  Started smoking
8)  Jun 1:  Told Rapture will still happen eventually
9)  Jun 2:  Pulled harp ad & quit smoking

Clearly, I've been busy.

Plus...this blog is still undergoing a massive overhaul.  I will be back to regularly dispensing my thoughts on the crazy world around me some time in the near future...hopefully before the world ends.

Have a  good one,


  1. loved #4 in the to-do list :)
    and reactions, just a quiet snort. that's not in the options.


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