Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dear Scotty...Thanks For Catching Me

Dear Scotty,

Many years ago, I thought I could fly.  Thank goodness you were there.

On one particular day, I felt the need to prove my supernatural skill to myself & the taking a leap of faith from the top of my staircase at 259 Woodbine Avenue.  In hindsight, the flying was easy...but, had you not walked in the door at that exact moment to catch this plummeting fool, the landing might have been incredibly messy.

Real event or legend?  It doesn't matter.  I've told that story to so many people for so many years because that crazy sounding occurence is as real as any childhood memory inhabiting my brain.

As far as I'm concerned...You saved my life.

When I filmed my movie back in High School, you not only agreed to play the role of "Scott" but stepped up to the plate to play his twin brother "Angelo".  Of course, you were the only logical person to be the twin but you could've said no.  Although, that footage will never appear on the big screen...the scene where you enter as Scott, leave to get Angelo & re-enter as Angelo is a classic in my mind.

Jay - "Where's Angelo?" 
Scott - "He's still outside."
Jay - "Go get him!"
Scott leaves.  Angelo enters.
Jay - "Where's Scott?"
Angelo - "He's getting something from the the van."


Twice a year, for over a decade, you provided sanity to my craziness.  At the Easter Parades, I'd whole-heartedly entertain on the street only to retreat briefly to your house in order to take a breather.  And, on my enjoyable, but hectic, Christmas Eve home tours, I always looked forward to knocking on your door, for my final visit of the night, so I could finally take off my Santa beard, put my feet up & have a soda.

My family will attest to how much I enjoyed my "Chats with Scotty".

Thank you for coming alongside me during my "Dare 2 Dream" Adventure.  Mid-life crisis or not, I'll be forever grateful for the significant role you played in helping me pursue three of my dreams.  You've always been so supportive of any thing I was working on, so it seemed quite fitting to have you, with Jazz Unhinged, on stage with me during my inspirational/comedy fundraising show.  Climbing into that wooden box, in an effort to attack my greatest fear, was a "life-altering" moment etched into my soul.  I'm glad every time I think about it I'll hear you keeping time on the drums in the background.

Speaking of were living proof that "talent is over-rated".  Because if talent was the only thing needed for would have had the world at your feet.  Mind you, the impact you had on the lives around you was worth way more than super-stardom.  I constantly marvelled at your musical ability & proudly shared with many how I was once trained by a world-class drummer.  It was because of your personal investment in my dream to drum, that I could actually, for a brief moment, play along to a few of my favourite ABBA songs.  It doesn't seem like much to some, but once again, you provided me a memory I'll cherish forever.

My daughter is taking drum lessons again...but she'll never find a better teacher.

I have a feeling the next few comedy shows I do will get a little emotional, because as usual the theme song you composed & recorded for me, almost five years ago, will play me onto the stage each time.  Looks like you'll always be there whenever I perform, which is pretty cool.  The few opportunities we arranged for you to actually play it live during a show meant so much to me.  In fact, I always thought if I ever had a talk show...It'd have to be "Scotty" leading the band.

I'll remember that rare glare when you didn't find something funny...and the frequent hearty laugh when you did.

I remember watching Borschevsky score that big goal against Detroit at your house.  I remember the Yo-Yo Club at Danforth Tech.  I remember sneaking into movies at the Hyland.  I remember all-you-can-eat pancake nights at the Golden Griddle (and I'm still convinced they were under-cooking them for us on purpose).

You know Scotty, I think you would have really enjoyed my book.  As much as I'm glad your music lives on through some of my videos, I'm sorry you never got to hold a published copy of my mind.  You would have been one of the first to get one...with a big 'ol bear hug attached.  I always knew you were a genuine friend but I also believed you to be a genuine fan of my quirky humour.  It was much appreciated.

I'm so thankful I was able to see you in the hospital a few weeks before you left us.  I'm so thankful you were open to having me pray with you.  I'm so thankful I had one final opportunity to let you were an incredibly special friend.

There are very few people that make me smile every time I see them.  That list just got shortened by one...but it feels like more.

Thanks for catching me...and for everything else that followed.  *Big Hug*

Love ya,
Go Leafs Go


  1. A great tribute, Tim. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Scott and angelo.. i could picture the scene completely. i don't know what else to say Tim. you said it all and i sit here weeping.

  3. Such an amazing and talented man. You brought up a lot of memories. The Yo Yo club and the movie he was a pillar of both. Great tribute


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