Thursday, June 26, 2014

#Kittenless: A Viral Video Experiment


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I work really hard on everything I produce but every once in a while I create something which really needs to be seen by more than 50 people.

That’s how I feel about my latest video: “Feel the Moment: Timmy Loves Chocolate Milk”.

Conceptually, the video reminds me of Gilligan’s Island.

No one, not The Skipper, not Mary Ann, not even The Professor, envisioned their simple 3-hour boat tour ending so horribly...although, in that “horribleness” they did teach a generation of young TV watchers that you can make anything – except a reliable boat – out of bamboo.

In a similar way, albeit with no perceivable life-lessons, my video begins with the pouring of a simple glass of milk and ends with a “shipwreck” of sorts.

The idea for this particular video was percolating in my brain for days (which surprised my wife), but the video’s musical foundation was essentially laid many months earlier.

You see, from the time Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment” began receiving radio airplay, I was hooked. Despite a complete non-interest in Pitbull, I couldn’t help but become absolutely mesmerized by the Christina Aguilera driven chorus. In fact, whenever the moment presented itself, I would passionately sing my heart – and lungs – in perfect harmony with the former Mouseketeer.

Now, I’m not about to boldly proclaim myself to be an awesome vocalist (although the words “perfect harmony” sort of imply it) but there is no denying that Xtina & I...have chemistry.

So last week, while flying solo during a long car drive, I selected “Feel This Moment” from my iPad playlist and excitedly engaged the “Repeat” setting. The details are pretty much a blur but sometime between the 17th and 33rd repeat my brain a good way.

 I had reached a transcendent point where I was no longer just singing the song (or remembering if I changed lanes). I was feeling the song. I was SEEING the song! And I was seeing...chocolate milk. Lots of chocolate milk. A beautiful explosion of chocolate milk.

After hours of mimed choreography & intense vocal strain I arrived home with a throat that had been ripped to shreds and a clear framework for my next video project. I couldn’t help but smile...and spit up a little blood.

When the day came to record the video, I was incredibly nervous. It was clearly going to get messy so, like blowing up a building on a movie set, I only had one shot at this.

I covered our kitchen in plastic garbage bags, wrapped my iPad in Saran Wrap, positioned my props & paced out the exact actions over and over and over again. Finally, I was ready...or as ready as I was ever going to be. I prepared my son (who makes another brilliant cameo appearance), took a deep breath & pushed “Record”.

What followed was simply...magic.

It wasn’t intentional, but the video appears to have almost all the qualities of a great viral video.

1) Music
2) Humour
3) Surprise
4) Weirdness
5) An appearance by a child

Yes, it lacks kittens...but I believe in miracles!

Viral videos don’t just happen. Good content is often found drifting among the lily pads of a stale pond while videos of cats jumping off pianos sail the internet oceans freely...catching wave after wave.

Success, in any area of life, doesn’t happen alone. I need you!


A “FLASH SHARE” is being organized with the goal of having as many people as possible sharing this one video on a single day. Let’s see if we can catch a wave.


*Be sure to include:
1) A call to action (eg. “Please share/retweet this”)
2) The hashtag #kittenless

Thanks & keep on laughin’,
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reading Rainbow: The Path to your Pot of Gold! - Reading Rainbow: The Path to your Pot of Gold

"Wanna be filthy rich?"

As a result of my overwhelmingly positive response to that question, I recently forced myself to digest an "expert's" endless analysis of the keys to financial success. After hours of painstaking study, I have managed to summarize, "blah, blah, rich, blah, blah, percent, blah, blah, Charlize Theron, blah, blah, night-stand" into one amazing universal truth.

Future wealth is directly connected to your bedside table.

Now, on the surface, this seems to be yet another example of the rich getting richer. Fantastic news for the privileged few who own a bedside table, while absolutely disheartening to the segment of our population that doesn't have one. However, it is important to note that, although a primary factor, not every "bedsidetable-less" individual is poverty stricken.

There are actually many legitimate reasons for not owning a bedside table:

1) Lack of Space: The "bed to room" ratio leaves no area for a bedside walkway...let alone a bedside table.

2) Bad Trigger: You once lost a loved one during a horrible night-stand mishap that others assure you was an accident but, despite years of therapy, you remain unable to forgive yourself for.

3) Religious Reasons: A bedside table leads to dust which leads to dust bunnies which reminds you of Playboy Bunnies which leads to sex.

4) No Bed: Simply put, you can't place a bedside table beside a bed you don't have.

But, good news! If you don't have a bedside table because you're spaciously challenged, emotionally wounded, spiritually convicted, nomadically inclined...or simply poor, you don't need to run out and get one.

You see, your road to financial success doesn't have to mean chainsawing your bed in half, crying about Aunt June every time you put your glasses down for the night, dusting 24-7 or finally graduating from sleeping bag to big-boy mattress.

Wealth, according to the study, is not so much connected to the bedside table as much as to the items resting beside your place of rest (on a bedside table or not).

In particular...what reading material puts you to sleep at night?

If you want to know how large your future bank account will be...the answer lies in the stack of books and/or magazines beside your pillow.

For the record, I have the following...

Inside Timmy's Mind - The Literature of Champions

1) "Inside Timmy's Mind" (Timmy Boyle) - It's a must read for every literate person.

2) "The 100 Most Influential People" (Time Magazine) - Just checking if I'm in it yet.

3) "I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!" (Bob Newhart) - We read each other's books.

4) "The Authoritative Calvin & Hobbes" (Bill Watterson) - No explanation needed.

5) "Genius Test" (MENSA, the high IQ society) - My score is still low, but gets better with each re-test.

6) "O.J. & Nicole - The Untold Story!" (The Enquirer) - I have an enquiring mind.

Apparently, according to the study, poor people tend to read for entertainment, while rich people read for self-improvement.

I don't know what they think "self-improvement" means, but by the way I define it...I'm clearly following a Reading Rainbow which will lead me to a massive pot of gold!

...and a fancier bedside table.

Inside Timmy's Mind - The Bedside Table of Champions (a Sealtest Milk Crate)

Keep on laughin',

P.S. What's on your bedside table?

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