Friday, July 4, 2014

#timmyandjillian Day 3 - One day he'll be old too...


There comes a time in every man's life when he hates children.

Please don't get me wrong. I don't hate children as much as I hate their energy, flexibility, metabolism rate, short legs & belief they are immortal. Kids are fun & all, but their very presence highlights the fact I need naps, wince when touching my toes, can't have Corn Pops at every meal and, at 40, have already reached the half way mark of my Stats Canada expected life span.

That's why I'm doing Jillian Michael's "Ripped in 30". 40 is WAY too early to be feel mocked by youth. I mean look at Jillian. She's only 7 months younger than me.

I may be wearing my kid's shorts for my workouts...but I'm not a kid any more. There is no way I can change my age (officially), the length of my legs or the reality that I'll always need to be very conscious of both diet & exercise. But, I CAN change my energy level, flexibility, strength & overall health for my remaining years on this wonderful being conscious of my diet & exercise.

I really love life and fully intend on throwing off Stats Canada when the Prime Minister sends me a certificate to celebrate my 140th birthday. However, I do not want to just survive the next 100 years. I want to thrive.

In fact, I plan on playing baseball well into my 80's and "retiring" because I want to, not because some 25 year old kid "thinks" he can play Centerfield better than me.

But first, I have to be able to get back to touching my toes without wincing...

...and not sweating through the opening credits of a workout video.

Keep on laughin',


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