Saturday, July 5, 2014

#timmyandjillian Day 4 - Historical Keys to Victory!


“That's all I want. Everything you got.” - Jillian Michaels, Ripped in 30

On the surface it seems like such a simple request. But despite a complete trust in Jillian & my wholehearted dedication to the program, I simply got sloppy on Day 4.

You can blame it on being tired mentally or maybe even getting a little cocky, but there really is no excuse. After all...

“It's all in the details.” - Some Random Guy, Pinterest Quote

According to that random guy, the details matter. And if it's on Pinterest the quote matters.

I brought everything I had to this particular work out except one crucial element. And, believe you me, I paid an enormous price for skipping such an important detail.

While preparing to be “Ripped in 30”, I knew it was going to be a battle. So, in order to ensure victory, I patterned my workout outfit after one of the most successful military forces of all time. The mighty Roman soldiers!

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you win!” - Timmy Boyle

Historical Keys to Victory:

- Stylish headband
- Low-cut chest protector
- Ultra-short loin protector
- Striped knee-high footwear
- Flowing cape*

*according to many movies, selected Wikipedia pages and Google images, the “Flowing cape” is actually optional.

Looking back on the situation, I shake my head in disbelief & lower it in shame. What kind of warrior am I? No Roman soldier worth his weight gold would ever have gone to battle without the entire ensemble in place. Those that did...possessed nothing short of a death wish.

I've learned my lesson. I WILL get “Ripped in 30” because I WILL NOT forget my headband, again!

Infact, I might even add the cape just for good measure.   

Keep on laughin',


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