Monday, July 14, 2014

#timmyandjillian Day 6 (or 11) - Back on the Horse


From my personal experience, these are the Top 5 hardest things to do in life:

5) Start an exercise program
4) Digest dairy
3) Stay on an exercise program
2) Re-start an exercise program
1) Explain time travel

For the purposes of today's imagery. I'd like to re-word the list as follows:

5) Get on a horse
4) Digest dairy
3) Stay on a horse
2) Get back on a horse
1) Explain time travel

My journey to establish a regular exercise routine started back in the early 80's when I'd rush home from school to watch "20 Minute Workout".

Admittedly, I did very little exercise during these lunch breaks (most 10 year olds found the rotating platform of glistening, leotarded women to be slightly distracting), but I never missed a segment.

30 years later, the "20 Minute Workout" remains the exercise program I was most consistent with for the longest period of far.

In the late 80's, having matured and truly wanting to get fit, I signed up for a membership at Super Fitness. As a scrawny teenaged kid, it seemed like the perfect way to add muscle mass, maintain health...and be in the presence of highly-toned women in form-fitting outfits.

Short lived, my Super Fitness days were simply a valiant effort by someone clearly in way over their head.

The gym was full of women in form-fitting outfits...who had not yet achieved anywhere, even remotely close, to a toned body. Strike one. The sauna was full of extremely aged men...wearing no outfits at all. Strike two. I had no job to pay for the membership...which they figured out 6-months in. Strike three.

Since then it's been a steady stream of 2 - 12 week chunks of everything from Richard Simmons' records to Chuck & Christie's Total Gym.

Which brings me to present day.

When I started Jillian Michaels' "Ripped in 30" DVD I figured, "Only 30 days? Surely, I can stick to that commitment!" So, once again, I got on the horse.

I was on the horse for 5 days.

It's day 11. I just got back on the horse.

I could give you many excuses as to why I experienced an extended break. But, there really is no good reason. Quite honestly, it's embarrassing to fall off the horse...again. But, I got back up...again.

Falling is not failure...but staying down is.

So, I begin again.

Let's do this, Jillian.

P.S. I feel so empowered I'm going to have a glass of milk & write an essay about the functional reality of time travel.

Keep on laughin',


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