Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Part 2: Timmy's Top Ten Letterman Related Moments (8 & 7)

I've finally had some time to reflect. This week I'm sharing my favourite David Letterman moments. Enjoy. Check out PART ONE

8 – Bill Murray's Graffiti (1993)

In real life, Bill Murray was as far removed from a Ground Hog Day existence as possible. The only consistent thing about Murray was his inconsistency. Bill was a living wild card and that's what made him such a spectacular guest on Late Night. Dave simply let Bill be Bill and everyone was better off because of it.

August 30th, 1993 was a night full of change. Letterman's talk-show was airing at a different time, on a different network, in a different venue, under a different name. The fear? Would the show be different? Would airing at an earlier hour in a fancy historic venue with a huge contract & crisp new logo mean the death of the "anti-talk show" talk show host? Enter Bill Murray.

One partial can of spray paint later, with the first two letters of "Dave" messily scrawled across the front of Letterman's new pristine desk, everyone's fears were gone. Bill will always be Bill and better yet...Dave will always be Dave.

Oh, the King of irreverence wasn't dead. He was only getting started!

7 – Madonna's Disappearance (1994)

Some would say one of the funniest things on TV is hearing the "bleeping" bleep.

If that's true than Madonna's Late Show appearance on March 31st, 1994 was the most hilarious television experience ever! The Material Girl's extremely liberal use of the F-word (19 times if you include the single uses of "fun", "friendship", "film, "fool" and "far") gave the FCC no choice but to crown her episode the champion of all censored U.S. talk shows.

Now, please note, I don't find extreme vulgarity funny. However, what I do find funny is not remembering the historic number of swear words as much as what happened afterwards. You see, my memory of this episode is almost exclusively connected to the moment when the show returned after a commercial break.

Madonna wasn't there and something about it seemed weird. Even though I have a faint recollection of the actual dialogue, I clearly recall heading to bed with my mind spinning...

"What the bleep happened to Madonna?"

COMING UP: "Bob, stoned or not, was completely & memorably incoherent." GO TO #6 and #5 HERE.

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