Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Part 3: Timmy's Top Ten Letterman Related Moments (6 & 5)

I've finally had some time to reflect. This week I'm sharing my favourite David Letterman moments. Enjoy. Check out PARTS TWO, ONE

6 – Jerry Seinfeld's Role Reversal (2015)

April 24th, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words...but there is only one word to describe this moment:


5 – Bob Dylan's Incoherence (1992)

The 10th anniversary special of "Late Night with David Letterman" was quite the spectacle. I remember looking forward to it. I remember watching it. I remember enjoying it. I remember taping it on VHS so I could re-watch it (I still have the tape).

What I don't remember is everything that happened other than...Bob Dylan.

The atmosphere at Radio City Music Hall was electric as a clearly energized all-star band began playing a song that sounded a lot like Dylan's, "Like a Rolling Stone". However Bob, stoned or not, was completely & memorably incoherent.

February 6th, 1992 marked the beginning of the following Bob Dylan impression which I have since shared with anyone who was interested in hearing it...or not interested.


I've watched Dylan's performance many times over the years, whenever I needed a good laugh, and I still can't tell if he's singing the actual lyrics.

I mean, for all we know...he broke Madonna's record.

COMING UP: "Who thought it was a good idea to put David Letterman in charge of this pompous affair?" Tune in TOMORROW for #4 and #3.

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