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Part 4: Timmy's Top Ten Letterman Related Moments (4 & 3)

I've finally had some time to reflect. This week I'm sharing my favourite David Letterman moments. Enjoy. Check out PARTS THREE, TWO, ONE

4 – “Uma. Oprah.” (1995)

Hosting the Oscars is a tough gig. The person entrusted with overseeing the festivities as host must understand that every single word & action will be closely watched by the eyes of the world...and the eye of the one world.

The Oscars is a celebration of an industry that not only takes itself way to seriously but is so full of sequels, remakes & reboots that it has begun to actually revel in it's ability to create nothing new. The person who thought it was a good idea to put David Letterman in charge of this pompous affair was either drunk, ignorant or a genius.  I'm going with a genius...who was a little tipsy.

There are many who have been quick to list Dave's Oscar hosting gig as one of the worst all-time. Why? Two words: "Uma. Oprah."

On March 27th, 1995, David Letterman took the stage at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California and proceeded to do...David Letterman. If his brand of humour didn't go over well with the stuffy Hollywood A-listers...blame the drunk genius who hired him.

His performance was refreshingly quirky for an Academy Awards show and, like it or not, Dave is the architect of one of the most memorable Oscar moments ever. E. V. E. R. Ever.

"Uma. Oprah." is legendary not because it "killed" but because it stood out and, like always, once the spotlight was on Dave didn't play by anyone else's rules. Dave did Dave...and I loved every moment of it!

3 – Visiting New York (Mid 90's)

As I sat in front of my television set watching Dave's final show unfold, I kept feeling a slight twinge of regret.

You see, over the last 20 years I've often considered getting Letterman tickets so I could freeze my butt off while watching him do his thing in person. And since his retirement I've asked myself, more than once, "Why did you wait?" The answer..."I thought he was immortal." After all, David Letterman was always on TV...and was always going to be. Despite lacking complete logic Despite lacking complete logic, I simply assumed the opportunity would always be there.

Well, with reality now setting in, I've come to realize how really special my mid 90's New York visit was. I remember my friend & I taking turns, depending on who was driving, reading "The Late Shift"* out loud in an effort to finish the book on our journey. While in the city, I visited K&L's Rock America to have my photo taken with Sirajul and or Mujibur (two local business men who made regular appearances on The Late Show)

...and stopped by the theatre to get a photo of me standing under The Late Show marquee.

Although it would turn out to be the closest I would ever get to Dave, I believe it's closer than many other Letterman fans got so I'll take it.

Sadly, Dave's TV presence wasn't eternal & the marquee will be changed. However, my photo will stand as proof that the King of Late Night, was indeed there...and so was I.

*"The Late Shift" (''94) documented the Leno vs. Letterman battle for The Tonight Show. Dave didn't get the throne...but he ultimately wore the crown.

COMING UP: "For a hot-blooded young man, a giggling, playful Drew Barrymore made for great TV." Tune in TOMORROW for #2 and #1.

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