Friday, May 29, 2015

Part 5: Timmy's Top Ten Letterman Related Moments (2 & 1)

I've finally had some time to reflect. This week I'll be sharing my favourite David Letterman moments. Enjoy. Check out PARTS FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE

2 - Drew Barrymore's "Appearance" (1995)

The April 12th 1995 appearance of Drew Barrymore on the Late Show was simply...the breast. I mean breasts. I mean best...plural.

Disclaimer: She was a 20 year old female who happened to be pretty darn cute. I was a 21 year old male who happened to be...a 21 year old male.

Drew was absolutely giddy that night and I'm pretty sure I was as well. Quite frankly, for a hot-blooded young man, a giggling, playful Drew Barrymore made for great TV. In fact, had the interview ended without incident it still would have been discussed in length the following day. But it didn't end without incident...and, as a result, is still being discussed 20 years later.

When Barrymore got up on Letterman's desk no one imagined what was about to happen.

When, with her back to the camera, Drew gave Dave a birthday one believed what just happened.

What did happen? A dime a dozen episode became one in a a flash!

I always wanted to be David Letterman, but on THAT night...more than ever!

1. Saying Goodbye with My Kids (2015)

Over the last year few years my regular routine was to record The Late Show and watch it during breakfast. Partly because I could, partly because I hate commercials...

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...and partly because 11:30pm is way passed my bedtime.

Every once in a while my kids, both of whom stay up later than me, would join me for Dave & Eggs. Nothing made me happier because, as a father, there are three things I believe every child should do:

- play with a yo-yo
- learn how to score bowling
- watch Letterman

I pity the "Dave-less" Generation that is about to be raised.

Throughout my lifetime, I've witnessed the sunset walk of Hawkeye, Alex P. Keaton, Carson, Dick Loudon, "May Day" Malone, Kramer, Frasier & Rachel.

The M*A*S*H* finale ('83) was a legendary tear-jerker, Carson's goodbye ('92) was beautifully intimate & Newhart ('90) orchestrated the best sitcom-ending twist ever. However, the only finale I anticipated more than Cheers ('93) was the one about to air.

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 - 11:30pm

There are "must-see" television moments and then there are those that you "must-see live". I was going to stay up for this one...and so were my kids.

I didn't force them to watch but I did make it clear that this was going to be a historic moment. I told them a once-in-a-generation personality, who radically changed the face of television, was about to sign-off and they may never see someone like David Letterman again. I actually don't think it was a hard sell.

There was only one rule. No cell phones or computers. There would be no distractions. I wanted my kids to see the history. I wanted my kids to see the present. I wanted my kids to feel what I was feeling. The loss of a legend.

We had a great time. Hearing the laughter of my children while we watched the final Late Show together was without a doubt my number one Letterman related moment.

During my 40+ years, the late night world consisted of Carson, Letterman and...the rest.

I count myself blessed to have witnessed the final tributes to both of these brilliant comedic forces. I'm so glad my kids got to see at least one of them and hope they will one day tell their children, with great fondness, about the night they hung out with "grandpa"...and the LAST King of Late Night.

Goodbye Dave.

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